Decoding OOH Advertising

Decoding OOH Advertising

As Indian population is growing,mostly in urban areas Out of Home (OOH) becomes more powerful and more effective and relevant.

While many traditional media’s are fragmenting and fighting to grab the consumer’s attention, OOH keeps the hope alive and gaining audiences.

OOH is Engaging:

To convey our business,medium is the message. OOH doesn’t come with lengthy or boring editorial content. The message need to be  creative and innovative factor are extremely engaging. Digital and Gen-X technologies used in OOH encourage greater consumer interactivity. According to a survey conducted by a independent Outdoor Advertising Association of India, more than 75% of Indians   felt more optimistic towards a brand and company that offers innovative and eye-catchy OOH. According to business research firms  , 75% of people agree on fact that OOH plays decisive role while they make up mind to shop something and also help them to look at when  they’re outside the house.

Various Kind of OOH Media available:

1. Outdoor Hoardings

2. Kiosks Advertising 

3. Billboards

 OOH is a Media Multiplier:

On further points of strength for Out Of Home advertisement is it actually play role of a media multiplier. Through our Brand and value studies we at know that OOH services in India not only works alone but also helps to improve the ROI of other available media when you include them in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

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