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February marks the ‘Valentine Day’ themed advertising from various brands!

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February marks the ‘Valentine Day’ themed advertising from various brands !

With the onset of February, the markets, malls and eateries are all painted in red and pink, to set you in the mood of Valentine’s Day celebration. The celebrations are getting more candid with recent times owing to social media influences, media hype and western culture adoption. In India, the day is celebrated no less than a festival. The series of seven days with each day depicting a different meaning of love goes on for a week and is represented as ‘The Valentine Week’.  Ending on 14th February as Valentine’s Day, the whole week creates a huge buzz among the youngsters.

Apart from young girls and boys who wait for this day eagerly, brands too eye on the valentine week as they find it a lucrative opportunity to penetrate the youth market with various promotional tactics. Around this time of the year when youngsters are leveraging on emotions and look for products and services to translate their feeling through gifts and gestures, brands try to tap their emotional aspect through discounts, special collection, freebies etc.

Brands that make most of valentine day celebration:

  • Chocolate brands
  • Gift galleries and Card brands
  • Jewellery brands
  • Flower delivery brands
  • Travel and tourism brands
  • Restaurants and Cafe brands
  • Beverages brands

Brand that started ‘Valentine day’ ad campaigns for 14th February 2019 through various media:

  • Cadbury Dairy milk unveils the valentine limited edition ‘heart pop-out’ chocolate through TV advertising. The tag line ‘say it with silk’ encourages expressing feeling by gifting the valentine special chocolate with heart engraved on it.

  • PGI India (Platinum Guild International) starts ad campaign on Valentine day with a different take and for young adults and married couples with the tag line ‘Equals in Love’. The campaign emphasizes on sharing equal responsibilities in a relationship through series of films.

Valentine Day Shopping,Valentine day Offer,14 Feb Offers,Valentine Shopping offers

  • Online discounts and sale ads: Popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa and many more have been promoting the Valentine day week offers through online ads.`

14 Feb Offers,Valentine Shopping offers,Valentine Day Shopping,Valentine day Offer

Brands look for multi-dimensional advertising during valentine celebration to fulfill brand reinforcement and brand alerts in one go !!