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Havas Media to handle Firefox’s Media Mandate

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Havas Media gets media mandate for Firefox bikes, the leading bicycle brand in India.

Havas media bagged the integrated media mandate for Firefox bikes, the leading bicycle brand in India.

The media mandate includes everything from offline media to digital media as well as SEO responsibilities. Both Havas media and Firefox are leading brands in their respective fields and their partnership is bound to strengthen the market of bicycle brands in India through effective communication strategy.

Firefox is leading brand of bicycles and bikes. Established in 2004, the brand’s name resonates with premium range of bicycles and adventure accessories. It offers exclusive range of premium and med-category bicycles that are sturdy, functional and trendy. Firefox is known for its range of products listed below:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Kids’ Bikes
  • Junior Bikes
  • Hybrid or city bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Women’s Bike
  • Jerseys
  • T-shirts
  • Panniers
  • Pouches
  • Wind Cheaters
  • Breakers

Firefox has more than 500 stores across India in metro as well as Tier 1 cities. The brands has prime customers that are health conscious, adventure seeking, sports enthusiasts and kids. Through the Havas Media partnership, the brand will be able to spread cross its communication message to its prime target audience through various channels effectively.

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The outbreak of Covid-19 made bicycles the most sustainable and workable solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The bicycle is now looked upon as a personal mode of transportation that is safe and lets you maintain a healthy lifestyle through daily cycling routine. The change in ideology led to a boom in bicycle market.

Havas Media aims at pushing Firefox as a brand that is adventurous, health oriented and trendy through streamlined communication via different media channels. The media house aims at strengthening the brand’s connection with its target customers through strategic communication.