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How advertising on DTC buses in Delhi can help your business?

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The DTC bus service is the lifeline of the NCR. These buses run through the length and breadth of the city. DTC buses are the source of commute for millions of people across the city. These buses ply to the remotest ends of the city for hours, ferrying customers to their destination at affordable fares. This is why DTC buses are the first choice of Delhiites for daily transit.

It is because of this very reason that advertisers and commuters bank on DTC buses for branding. These buses prove to be the best option for transit media advertising in Delhi. There are several reasons why these buses create strong brand impressions and greater ROI. Some of them are as follows:

1. The popularity of the DTC buses:

Due to their cost-effective rides around the city, people from all classes and economic backgrounds rely on their services. Therefore, this provides the brand the opportunity to spread its name among millions of daily passengers. Additionally, the increasing traffic of the city means that the average ride time of the passengers is on the rise each day. As a result, the passengers will spend more time in the influence of the brand, thereby creating greater brand impact using DTC bus advertising.

2.Remote DTC bus advertising:

The DTC buses are well-known for their infallible operations. The buses ply throughout the NCR carrying passengers on a daily basis. Therefore, a bus wrap ad would not only advertise your brand to the passengers but would also take the name of the brand to the places the particular bus goes to.

3. Regular brand interaction creates deeper brand impressions:

Daily commuters avail the bus services at least 5 days a week. This daily acquaintance and influence of the brand using DTC bus advertisement create a greater recall value among consumers. The long brand exposures even lead to greater ROIs as the consumers form a deeper liking for the brand, thus involuntarily affect their future commitments.

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