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Bus Branding in Kolkata

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Bus Branding in Kolkata

Bus Branding in Kolkata

The capital city of Kolkata is an epitome of the fusion of modernity and of the nostalgic culture which oozes out through the archaic buildings and the lanes crisscrossing the entire city. Widely known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata is the most bustling city in the Eastern region of India. Kolkata serves as the headquarters of several organizations across the country and the world and is an epicenter of the economic activities in the East. The city thus provides ample opportunities for promotional activities of brands as not only is the city the financial capital of the eastern corridor but also is populated by the kind of people who are extremely passionate about art and visual media.

Localizing your brand amongst the populace of Kolkata is the most effective way to build a brand relativity in the minds of people. Bus ads in Kolkata is one such advertising move which will help you bring your brand closer to the mass as bus transportation is one of the most popular modes of transportation in the city. Millions of people from all across the suburban and the rural parts of the state avail the bus service to the different parts of the city for their daily commute.

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Therefore, bus branding can be effectual in mobilizing the image of your brand across the city by acting as mobile hoardings without any restriction to its movement. The bus services in the city ply to the distant districts of West Bengal in addition to the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam, Sikkim and even the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. Your branding activities can thus reach newer scales and destinations if you choose to opt for outstation bus branding too along with intra-city branding.

Bus branding in Kolkata is thus a mobile and an unrestricted branding service which is bound to turn heads of both the commuters and the passers-by with its eye-catching 280 sq. foot of quirkily designed branded area. Furthermore, it is both affordable and economical since with a one-time investment plan, bus branding in Kolkata has the potential of gaining the attention of regional, national and international people, thus helping you spread awareness about your brand far and wide.

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