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How can RWA Society Gate Branding help you boost brand visibility in Delhi?

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The residential localities in the cities have their own committees or associations for the maintenance of the residential area. These committees are known as the Residential Welfare Associations or RWAs. They mostly take care of the residential compound like the parks, pool, roads, parking, elevators, fences, etc. Since the residents of the society are solely responsible for funding the operations of the RWAs, they are seldom low in funds. This opens up the opportunity for the brands to step in.

Advantages of RWA Society Gate Branding:

Advertising on the society gates proves to be highly beneficial for both the brand and the RWAs. That is to say, it is a win-win situation for both. The brand gets to spread its message by advertising on the society gate and the RWAs will have their gates built and funds refurbished. As a result, Society Gate Branding in Delhi NCR is slowly rising in demand and popularity.

RWA Society Gate Branding gives good visibility to the brands. They prove to be good vantage points for OOH advertising. Not only does this kind of branding attract the residents of the society but also the onlookers and passers-by. Undoubtedly, society gate branding is one fail-proof way to increase the visibility of your brand.

Besides these, RWA Gate Society branding also helps in geo-targeting your brand. If you wish to spread the image and message of your brand in a specific area, RWA branding is a potent and effective option, just like the other outdoor advertising media options. Furthermore, RWA gate advertising aids in producing maximum and the most impactful brand impressions in certain demographics of people.

Colony gate Branding in Delhi, RWA society gate branding

For instance, it can be said that residents living in the same residential apartment approximately share the economic background. This is most effectively put to use by the advertisers for brand activation. Thus RWA society gate advertising has the scope of producing greater ROIs by specifically targeting people based on their economic and social backgrounds.
Similarly, co-operative housing societies can also be a good ground for creating stronger brand recall among consumers.

So, RWA Gate Society branding gives the businesses a considerable boost by enlarging outreach program. It also creates an uninterrupted link with the consumers to fortify and consolidate reliability towards the brand.

Cost of RWA Society Gate Ads / Lift Advertising / Kiosk Ads in India –

RWA Advertising Mode

Campaign Duration


Society Gate

6 Months

₹ 40,000

Lift Advertising

1 Month

₹ 1,400

Kiosk Setup

1 Day

₹ 3,000