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In partnership with Lemma, Tata CLiQ implies programmatic DOOH at airports

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DOOH Advertising Benefits, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is continuously on rise in India. With increasingly penetration of technology in OOH advertising sector, DOOH is leading Ads.

Tata CLiQ launches ad campaign through programmatic DOOH at airports

Tata CLiQ Luxury is an extension to the existing Tata CLiQ fashion app. However, the app extends itself to cater a defined audience that is interested in buying genuine high-end branded products online. It lists luxury brands that are not easily available on other online platforms and offers discounts too. The #Luxe Life ad campaign initiated by Tata CLiQ focuses on targeting niche audience that has high-purchasing power and authority to take buying decisions.

The #Luxe Life Campaign

Tata CLiQ Luxury partnered with Lemma to initiate a programmatic DOOH advertising campaign at selected airports to reach micro-clusters for promoting the luxury shopping platform. The programmatic DOOH implemented at Terminal 2 of Mumbai airport and Terminal 3 of New Delhi airport comprised of large size digital screens and video walls. The strategic placement of the digital screens ensured effective reception of the ads. The ad was displayed at prime time with the call to action that insisted the audience to scan the QR code displayed on the digital screen for instant app download. The ad displayed luxury products across various categories such as fashion, home decor beauty and grooming etc. The digital screen was programmed to change visuals with each exposure. The content displayed on the screen was a mix of static as well as visual creative.

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As programmatic DOOH advertising gives real time validation data to the advertisers, they can easily monitor the campaign running across various locations through digital screens. The campaign ran for 15 days where it was successful in reaching to the target audience at different airports. The campaign aimed at converting the dwell time of the airport audience to brand interaction time.

On one side, the programmatic DOOH advertising helped Tata CLiQ Luxury to expand reach and visibility among desired audience and in creating awareness about the newly launched luxury shopping platform. While on the other side, Lemma advertising through its interactive digital screens and video walls was able to satisfy its client (Tata CLiQ) by offering an insight about the campaign through real time data collection about the audience movement and response to the campaign.