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Wireless In-Flight Entertainment, the next big thing to watch out for!

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Till date we knew that in-flight entertainment was limited to the pre-loaded music and movies, that a flyer could enjoy while on the flight but with the advent of wireless in-flight entertainment flyers will be able to enjoy entertainment services on any device.

What is the need of wireless in-flight entertainment services?

Wireless in-flight entertainment service is the need of the hour as flyers prefer to use their own devices during the flight. People carry various gadgets and prefer using them to make their flight time productive or to view the content of their own choice. Wireless entertainment provides flyers the freedom to use their personal devices such as phones, laptops, tablets etc though the in-flight wireless services.

The in-flight wireless entertainment technology has been designed keeping in mind the variables such as:

  • System safety
  • Cost efficiency
  • Software reliability
  • Hardware maintenance
  • User compatibility

Such variables ensure the efficiency, reliability and usability of any system.

What are the trends induced by wireless in-flight entertainment?

The wireless in-flight entertainment services offer brands an opportunity to interact with the flyers during the flight. The brands can display video ads, audio ads, image ads etc.

Brands get complete flyer attention as the flyer has ample time, receptive and clutter free environment to absorb the brand message effectively.  

Wireless in-flight entertainment technology give flyers a more personalized, secure and higher quality content viewing experience whereas for brands it acts as medium to interact with the flyers directly.