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Mall Advertising: Non-rental way of earning for malls

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Mall Advertising,Mall marketing,How much rental we get from Mall advertising,Billboards

Mall Advertising: non-rental way of earning for malls

Advertising has been the basis of marketing to increase the profit of any business since ages. But the 21st century has seen lots of evolution in the world of advertising. The most prominent being the Mall advertising.

To many this is still a question- what is Mall advertising? It is any form of display in terms of advertising inside shopping malls. This concept has come up in the last few years due to the increase in the number of footfalls in the shopping malls.

Why Mall Advertising? – This is a great way for the advertisers to reach all kinds of consumers of all ages for all types of products irrespective of the location or time. It’s a win-win situation for both the Mall authority and the advertisers. Almost all the shopping malls in the country offer mall advertising.

It generally begins before the launch of any new product or services, before any event or upcoming festivals and continues till it’s over. It is targeted to all the people who come to spend some time in the malls and also who can shell out money for those products and services.

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Indeed mall advertising is a new way of advertising with innovative ideas – just like ‘Old wine in a new bottle’. This in turn increases the revenue and brings in profit for the businesses.

Even founders say that prominent malls in India keep charges as high for even visiting cars they earn 5 to 10 lacs. Being the significant contributor in revenue of malls, every small and big mall is adopting and setting space for mall advertising. Peak seasons and festival season contributes a large part in yearly revenue of malls. Digital mall advertising are also broadly liked by people which become gradually earning source of malls in India.