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Marketing and Artificial intelligence technologies to enable personalized services

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Marketing and Artificial intelligence

Marketing and Artificial intelligence technologies to enable personalized services !!

In the current scenario, when marketing technology and digital advertising techniques are employed to personalize services for customers who in fact would purchase products without any such advertising initiatives. In short, these personalized advertising has to be targeted only to those people who wouldn’t otherwise purchase the product without an influence and hence amp up overall sales by reducing unnecessary investments.  Marketing leaders are of the view that you need to use Artificial Intelligence ( AI), only after setting your goals and objectives right.

Artificial intelligence is one of the best tools employed to personalize digital communications as for any of these platforms, be it Amazon or Facebook where there are a large number of prospective customers, there would be a confusion regarding which product to be advertised if this is done manually. The main matter to be dealt with concern here is, when to do this personalization and why to do it. Before you execute this marketing technology, Artificial intelligence for personalization you got to prioritize an approach. This approach comprises 3 major steps.

Firstly you have to get your problem defined. You need to give a lot of time to this process. You can personalize website and services for different clients, by generating a huge lot of content. But the issue of concern here is what is exactly the reason for a customer to purchase a product. You need to get information based on past data or research to see if personalizing these websites would only generate leads or improve sales, and then only you have to move towards designing of different websites for the same product.

Secondly, you need to define the goals. The major goal of marketing, we know is to generate sales but it is not essential to employ marketing techniques to generate sales. You need to narrow down using technology to situations there wouldn’t be sales if not these marketing technologies or artificial intelligence are applied. It is not like every sale is in connection with the applied marketing technologies. If a customer has bought a product, it is not because he has seen the ad, he might have also bought the same product without the mentioned advertisement. What that should be focussed is, bringing up ads targeted towards people who wouldn’t buy the product if not for the advertisement. It’s not just about artificial intelligence, but the marketers also should be versed technically to communicate or deal well with data scientists. This ensures more transparency and clarity in dealings.

Thirdly, cause and effect relationships have to be studied before you personalize ads. Typically, sales conversations are used as criteria for setting the price of bids for ads placement. The system then after taking up all the features and the probability of conversion designs a model with no difference between people who always ignore the add or, people who accept and view the ad, from people who react to ads these ads occasionally. You have to put a stop to blindly following artificial intelligence.

To conclude with, it is essential to first define the problem and the goal, and if you find that employing these technologies only would help you meet the goals you should then proceed with the artificial intelligence or these marketing technologies.

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