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Seagram’s Royal Stag adopts 3D anamorphic DOOH display

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Brands adopt new and innovative advertising ideas to make their communication message more interactive and relatable in the current digital age. Working on the same lines of interactive and creativity, the Seagram’s Royal Stag brand has launched its new digital ad campaign through 3D anamorphic DOOH display. The brand has chosen the most prime location of Mumbai and Gurgaon to make its new ad campaign to make it the talk of the town through its interactive 3D anamorphic DOOH display. In view of making the brand more relatable to the young adults, it has tried to revive its philosophy of ‘Live it Large’ through a completely new ad campaign that says ‘Change ho toh Large Ho’ (if there is any change it has to be a large one). The idea of the new ad campaign is to make the brand resonate with young generation’s mind-set which is fearless, bold, energetic and self-driven.

3D Anamorphic display

In order to make it new ad campaign rise above other OOH displays, the brand has gone a step further by implementing huge 3D anamorphic out-of-home display. The anamorphic display refers to graphic images that seem real when viewed from a certain angel or perspective. The image seems real and feels like it is popping out of the screen when viewed from the correct angel. Seagram’s Royal Stag 3D anamorphic display attract attention easily as nothing of such large and interactive display has been put in India before this. The creative display has been designed and conceptualised by Wavemaker India for Seagram’s Royal Stag. The huge 3D ad display resonates with the brand’s idea of to be associated with the big and bold attitude of the new generation. The anamorphic display features a golden stag in a beautiful landscape which eventually feels like jumping out of the screen and then comes the Royal stag’s montage stating ‘A new stag for a generation that  lives it large’.

The huge and interactive display is going live at Carted Road Mumbai, since 15 December, 2022 and is expected to start soon at Gurgaon in January, 2023. The campaign was initially propagated by the most popular youth icon of Bollywood, actor Ranveer Singh along with other celebrities like Lisa Mishra, Surya Kumar Yadav, Nucleya and many more. These celebrities are change makers, bold, fearless and achievers that truly communicate the attitude of the Royal Stag brand too.

3D anamorphic display is expected to garner 10lakh views. The display has already being talked about on social media platforms for its uniqueness and first of a kind display in India. Interactive displays are the future of out-of-home advertising and with innovative and clutter-breaking moves like this one, the outdoor advertising industry is sure to rise above other advertising mediums in future.