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Can Inflight magazine advertising help me grow my brand value?

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Inflight magazine advertising, Airline Advertising, Magazine ads in Airlines

Passengers heavily depend on Inflight magazines during their journey to pass their time. With electronic devices and smartphones switched off, passengers mostly take to magazines. This gives the in-flight magazines ample scope to get the undivided attention of the viewers. Hence, this makes in-flight magazines an influential advertising medium.

Why should you invest in Inflight magazine branding?

Even on the shortest journey, people spend at least 30 minutes on a flight. This gives the brand an opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with the viewer. It is seen that people respond more to advertising which has the tangibility factor in them. Since the readers get to have the feeling of the layout of the advertisement, they are more drawn towards the brand. Advertising analysts say that the efficacy of an advertisement increases by 70% when the branding style appeals to more than the three senses of the viewer. And with Inflight magazine branding, not only does the viewer see and read about the brand but also feels the print of the ad. As a result, the in-flight magazine branding also stays ahead of digital advertising where the viewers view the ad on an electronic device.

Another benefit of Inflight magazine branding is that of its longer shelf-lives. Unlike newspaper advertising, in-flight magazines are not dailies. These magazines are published once in a month which means that the recall value of the advertisement is more. Thousands of passengers form the readership base of in-flight magazines in a month. Besides this, it is more likely that people will spend more time reading a magazine than a newspaper. Thus, in flights, the magazines provide greater brand impressions than the newspapers.

The design layout and the feel of the paper make Inflight magazine advertising way more effective than most of the other Inflight advertising options. Thus through in-flight magazine advertising, have a greater conversion rate among viewers. These magazines make the scope of a deeper and more influential impact on the consumers. So, invest in in-flight magazine branding today to give the viewers an immersive experience of your brand.

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List of Top Newspapers in India

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Airport Advertising rates in India / Cost of Airport Branding

Airport Media Type

Minimum Ad Duration

Rates / Month (* Onwards)


3 Days

₹ 30,000

DOOH Screens

1 Week

₹ 35,000

Luggage Trolley

1 Month

₹ 900

Conveyor Belts

1 Week

₹ 1,50,000

Display Boards

1 Week

₹ 90,000

Tarmac Coaches

1 Month

₹ 1,50,000