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Benefits of Exhibition Marketing !

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The terms marketing and sales may appear same in a business differs a lot.  When a product is sold and payment is collected from the purchaser, the sales transaction is assumed complete.  But marketing has a big scope.  Marketing task starts from the creation of need till after-sales transactions.  A marketer or marketing team has to retain the interest of the consumer.  So they try various strategies to achieve their objectives.   Exhibiting marketing strategy is one among those marketing strategies.  It involves the exhibition of products by the company.


Can anyone exhibit the products anywhere?

Exhibitions are meant to entertain the common public.  There are two types of exhibitions- general and specific.  In general exhibitions, all sorts of products are exhibited.  Products with less cost are the most saleable products.  In a specific exhibition, the products exhibited will according to the theme. For instance- an industrial exhibition contains exhibits of all sorts of industrial tools and accessories.  The manufacturer ensures that the common public is getting product awareness.  One more example is real estate.  In specific exhibitions, the participants try to create product awareness.


Benefits of participating in exhibitions

It requires experience and knowledge to identify the benefits of the concepts.  The following are some of the benefits of participating in an exhibition:

  • Personal contact: As several customers visit the exhibition grounds, there is a chance of meeting and communication with the customers personally. A personal conversation with the consumer directly will win their confidence.  There is a chance of converting a viewer into a potential buyer and a potential buyer can further be converted into a customer.


  • Market information: Many participants participate in exhibitions. The information about the motives and strategies used by the competitor can be collected.  Based on the information, even though immediate action cannot be taken, it will be useful in future planning.


  • Brand/Product awareness: An exhibition may involve of participants exhibiting similar products.  There is a chance of similarity in products displayed but each one has its specialty.  When something is said about the brand or the product it is called brand awareness.  The area in an exhibition is very noisy.   The participant has to ensure that the stall looks attractive and the presentation of information about the product is beautiful and interesting.


  • New business collaborations: As many viewers come and visit the exhibition, it is very difficult to judge who is a common viewer, or a viewer with an intention.  Normally in specific exhibitions, the products displayed may be considered as finished goods or raw materials.  In both cases, when the viewer is satisfied with the product, there is always a chance of negotiations.  This situation may lead to the expansion of business.


Conclusion:  Though participation in exhibitions is good, a proper analysis of all the participants has to be done by the participator. As time is precious, every second is important.  Participation in the exhibition is chargeable as the registration value has to be paid while registering.  The participator has to ensure that he/she tries to earn whatever was invested by them.

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