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A Complete guide to Cinema Advertising – All you need to know.

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Indian Cinema screens have been a major entertainment source in India apart from disruptions due to COVID in last year.

Sharing faqs for a more detailed understanding of the impressive ad medium.

  1. What are the advantages of cinema advertising?

Cinema advertising or theatre advertising involves advertising in the multiplex chains and the single screen theatres playing movie shows. Cinema Advertising comprises advertisements on slides/ slideshows (shown before the movie show or during the interval period) and video ads. Additionally, cinema advertising also includes other advertising media options like kiosk advertising, standees, seat back covers, and advertising on LED screens.

  1. What are the advantages of cinema advertising?

Cinema screens have a deeper impact on the audience because of the larger-than-life factor. Therefore, it can arrest the senses and attention of the viewers, engaging them in an intimate brand-viewer relationship. Also, since cinema advertising includes both the audio and the visual medium for communication, audiences register the brand messages loud and clear. Furthermore, the costs involved are far less as compared to the brand impressions that the ads gain.

  1. What is the frequency of telecasting in-cinema ads at a theatre or a multiplex?

The frequency of in-cinema ads (slides and video ads) depends on the advertising package that you opt for or in simple words, the amount that you pay for advertising your brand. The frequency of the brand ads can be once every show or even 5 times a show. Each screen in the multiplexes plays four movies a day which makes it 28 shows per week. Therefore, through in-cinema advertising, you can register a sizeable number of brand impressions among the audiences.

  1. What is the average cost of playing in-cinema ads on single screens and multiplexes during movie shows?

The advertising rates of Cinema Ad Services in single screens and multiplexes depend on different factors like the concerned city, show timings, seating capacity, popularity of the multiplex or the single screen theatre, profile of the viewers vising the single screens of multiplexes, occupancy rate, the type of advertising media option opted for (in-cinema ads like slides, videos or standees, kiosk advertising, etc.). To know more about the advertising cost in theatres, you can get in touch with us at (+91) 995384-7639 or write to us at business [at]

  1. Do the rates of in-cinema advertising vary as per the movies played in the theatres?

Yes, they do. Since big releases like blockbuster movies attract more viewers as opposed to other movies and result in more shows, in-cinema advertising during these movie shows tends to rate higher than the others. You may be required to pay a premium for opting for cinema advertising during the show timings of blockbuster movies. The advertising rates can go up to two to three times the usual rates for playing your brand ads during blockbuster movie shows. Do get in touch with MyHoardings to get a complete picture of the advertising rates in movie theatres.

  1. How do I go about planning an advertising campaign in a cinema theatre?

Planning an advertising campaign in a cinema hall or theatre requires surveying the kind of people that visit the theatre, the location of the theatre, the upcoming movie releases, the advertising options on offer in that particular movie theatre, and so on. To get a detailed approach to planning an advertising campaign in a cinema theatre, you can get in touch with us. Our experts will assist you thoroughly in planning and executing the entire cinema advertising campaign in cinema theatres across the country.

  1. Are there any timeline guidelines for cinema advertising in movie theatres?

Cinema advertising in movie theatres can commence only on a Friday. This is because it is on Fridays that new movies are released in single-screen theatres or multiplexes. The ads, whether video ads or slides are synced with the movie timings of the new entries. However, you need to complete the payment of the ad campaign and provide the screens with your brand ad within 5 P.M. on a Wednesday so that your ad starts playing the following Friday.

  1. What are the formats in which movie theatres accept ads for branding?

Advertisers usually share the advertisements in the following formats:

Type of Ad Requirements Ad Format


Audio Crystal clear clarity .wav


Slides An image of width – 2048 pixel and height – 858 pixel with 300 dpi resolution

.jpeg or .jpg

3 Video A minimum of 1080 dpi resolution

.mp4 or .mov

The cinema ads are shared in the above formats, the agencies that convert ad formats for cinema advertising will convert it to UFO, J2K, or other formats required for playing these ads in the theatres.


  1. Are the rates of advertising options in cinema branding in movie theatres dependent on the day of the week?

Yes, the rates of Cinema Ad Services vary as per the day of the week. For instance, you may find that the advertising rates are usually higher during the weekends as compared to the weekdays. Also, the rates of cinema advertising tend to go up during public holidays and festive seasons as these days draw more crowds. You can get a complete list of cinema advertising rates on


  1. Are there any extra costs required to be paid for cinema advertising in movie theatres?

Since cinema advertising requires the broadcasting of ads in said formats, you might have to pay a nominal fee in the conversion of your ads in J2K format. The conversion is mostly carried out by specialized media agencies. Other than the J2K format, a few other movie theatres make us of the UFO ad format. As opposed to the J2K format, the conversion of .jpg, .mov, or .mp4 ad formats to the UFO format is free of cost. Furthermore, the video ads for in-cinema advertising in movie theatres require censor certification. For this, you are required to get in touch with a censoring agency that will charge you a fee for their service. MyHoardings will assist you in getting in touch with one such censor agency. Additionally, you will have to pay the services taxes and cess applicable to in-cinema advertising in movie theatres as well as collateral costs for off-screen advertising.