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Inox Cinemas: Luxury, Entertainment and advertising galore!

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Inox Cinemas are a second name for entertainment and luxury. Even if you are not a movie buff you must have heard the name ‘Inox Cinemas’ quite many times. It has established its presence all across India as the largest premium brands in multiplex chain. For movie lovers, Inox cinemas is a heavenly place where they can escape all their worries and enjoy high quality entertainment with luxurious amenities at the comfort of their seats. This multiplex chain is spread across 19 states and 73 cities in India. It has 692 screens accounting to 1, 55,218 seats. This data clearly tells about the massive presence Inox Cinemas has all over India.

Explore the branding opportunities at Inox Multiplex

Apart from offering world class entertainment experience to the audience, the multiplex chain also offers lucrative branding opportunities. Both premium and local brands can immensely benefit from advertising at various Inox cinemas in India. Here is how a brand can use the cinema space to communicate to its target audience:

  • Segmented audience: As the ticket pricing of the cinema hall varies according to the screen quality and service, the brands can choose the type of audience they wish to target. For instance, the audience that book INOX Insignia for movies belongs to SEC A of the society. This is premium audience who owns a 4 wheeler and has an average monthly income of 50k. Therefore, this theatre is apt for advertising of premium and international brand.
  • Clutter Free advertising: Inox cinemas are huge when it comes to space. The beautiful layout, well-lit corridors and pleasing ambience, puts the target audience in receptive mode. Advertising space is designated for each brand and therefore, the brands do not have to fight for attention here. Different ad material at different advertising site gives each and every brand an equal opportunity to interact with their target audience.
  • Social media and Digital reach: Apart from luring the customers when they are at the Inox cinemas, the brands can make use of the reach Inox cinemas has on social media and digital space. The brand can advertise themselves through the cinema hall’s social media pages, apps, websites and ticket booking interfaces.

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Let’s know more about the characteristics of the target audience at the Inox Multiplexes:

  • 89% audience belongs to Sec A of the society.
  • 34% audience owns at-least one four wheeler.
  • The audience has an average household income of 50k.
  • 100% of the Inox audience own a smart phone.
  • 85% audience plans at-least one domestic holiday in a year and 13% of the audience take one international holiday in a year.
  • 50% Inox audience own a smart phone worth 20k or more.
  • 79% Inox audience is younger than the age of 34.
  • 72% of Inox audience is either graduate or have a higher qualification.
  • 50% of Inox audience is willing to pay for premium tickets to watch a movie at IMAX.

Advertising formats available at INOX cinemas:

  • To create maximum impact the brand can choose high quality LED video walls to advertise their product or services.
  • To interact with the INOX audience through image, text and video, the brands can choose digital poster cases.
  • To promote exclusive discounts or to display offers, the brands can selectively pick concession LED’s at the Food and beverage counters for better brand reception.
  • To draw immediate attention and to interact directly with the target audience, the brands can put up kiosks in lobby areas of the Inox cinemas.
  • Attractive floor stickers too can work wonderfully in favor of any brand to engage the audience.

Explore exclusive Touch Points:

Apart from movie screening, the Inox cinema offers trail of services that can be utilize to target specific audience.

  • Corporate Meets
  • Exclusive screening
  • Employee engagement
  • Trainings
  • Product launch
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Private screenings
  • Kitty parties
  • Anniversary celebrations

Inox cinemas puts luxury, premium service and technology at one place. It caters to an audience that is willing to invest in experience and comfort instead of standard movie viewing. There are high changes that the brands receives desired results from their advertising campaign executed at the Inox cinemas for the tactful audience, ambience, ad space and touch points it offers.

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