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Steps for an effective Instagram Marketing Strategy!

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platform by the Gen-Z and millennials. The distinctive features of the app like reels, remix reels, boomerang and easy editing tools has made it an app with 1 billion monthly active users globally. The app started with an intention to facilitate users with easy photo and video sharing platform. However, with risen popularity of the platform , it has now become the most used marketing and advertising platform as well. Brands engage in Instagram ads to reach to larger section of society and create trends that might benefit the brand directly or indirectly.

At a place where millions of users are aiming to get lots of views, likes and followers, it is not easy to penetrate the platform and get desired outcomes without a proper marketing strategy.

Here are few steps that one must follow in order to reach its marketing and advertising goal through Instagram advertising:

  • Plan and Prepare: The first and foremost thing is to know what you want and how you want the brand to be advertised. Plan you marketing strategy in stages, where first stage it to prepare an Instagram page that discloses information about the product or service. Second step is to start connecting with people, influencers and trendsetters to aware them about the product or service you wish to advertise and third is to create content on the basis of your marketing goal. For instance, you motive is to increase the sales of your product, then you must create content that talks, instructs and showcases the product’s utility, affordability, accessibility and ease of usage .
  • USP: The most crucial step is to highlight the unique selling point (USP) of the product or service. On a platform that has billions of users globally, one cannot rely on simply showcasing of the product through an ad, the brand will have to elaborate the uniqueness of the product to stand out of the competitors. For example if a brand wishes to sell a simple product like toothbrush for kids then it will have to talk about the uniqueness of their toothbrush over other brands. The USP can be anything like this is an organic brush or it’s fiber are made from BPA-free plastic or the brush has alarm setter to remind kids to brush twice a day etc.
  • Target Audience: One should have a clear knowledge of the its target audience. The brand must be aware of who their target audience is? What are their needs? How they can reach their audience? etc. To advertise at a global platform like Instagram, the brand must select a nice according to their product or service. For example, a hair care brand must advertise its products on self- care pages and through influencers that create content on the self care to reach maximum audience.

Instagram Marketing Strategy, Instagram Meme

  • Expand through Influencers and trendsetters: If brand wishes to reach wide audience then it must rope in influencers and trendsetters who have large number of followers. Influencers are people who have huge fan following. People look forward for their content to get more knowledge about latest trends, products and developing culture. Therefore, buying influencers to propel advertising campaign in view of increasing sales and creating demand for the product is the best way to expand reach and visibility and sales through Instagram platform.

Top Social media influencer in India

Top Social media influencer in India

Name No. of FollowersCategory
Jannat Zubair Rahmani23.7 MModel
BB ki Wines20.1 MYoutuber
Kritika Khurana5, 351 KBlogger
Kusha Kapila13, 409 KContent Writer
Dolly Singh1.1 MYoutuber
Savi and Vid651 kTravel
Ranveer Allahbadia2.1 MNews
Gaurav Taneja1.8 MPilot
Karan Dua32, 440 KFood

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  • Create carefully: Instagram is a visual platform, therefore creating interesting and engaging visual content is highly important. The pulse of Instagram is that is a platform that has short, crisp and engaging content. Anything long and vague doesn’t fit the Instagram culture. Therefore, the brand must create content carefully. The motive of the brand must be communicated through photos and videos in the form of posts, story or reel to take the advertising campaign forward. For example, if a brand wishes to launch a new product than it must create videos and photos that highlight the new product an impactful and visually appealing manner.
  • Keep an eye on Competitors: Instagram is a fierce marketing and advertising platform and the brands must always be alert of the new trends and selling prepositions that are being used by competitor to be ahead of the race.
  • KISS: ‘Keep it simple stupid’ shall be the mantra of your brand to make your audience happy. In the age of everything ‘easy and instant’ , the brand must avoid long instructions for process like payment options, delivery options or reaching the website. The gen-Z is in the habit of receiving everything at one touch and therefore, any time-consuming procedure is a complete no-no at social media platforms like Instagram. For instance, if you are promoting a jewellery line, than the order procedure or redirecting to website page shall be done with a single tap and must not engage the users in a time-consuming process.

These are the few steps that can make your Instagram Marketing and advertising campaign a successful deal if applied constructively.