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Delhi Airport Advertising

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Delhi Airport Advertising, Airport Advertising in India, Billboards on Indian Airports Advertising, OOH Publicity at Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport Advertising, Airport Advertising in India

Delhi Airport Advertising

The capital of our country has its International Airport located approx. 16 Kms from the main city. Over the years, it has improvised and innovated in various ways in terms of design, facilities and other stuffs. No doubt, it has received multiple awards including – Most Improved Airfield, Best Airport in Central Asia/India region and Best Airport in its passenger category, as per the reports.

Around 40 million passenger footfalls in this airport and it is also the main hub for Air India. Numerous airlines with multiple regular and low costs offer flights across the globe including direct and connecting flights. Keeping in mind all these aspects, the New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport makes the best use of the time spent by the passengers in there in terms of advertising.

Varying from digital ads to static print ads, wall wraps or displays, companies opt for different kinds of advertising. Let’s see few of those:

  • Airport Wi-Fi – Available on mobile, tablet, laptop this form of advertising reaches all the people some way or the other connected to the digital world, which mostly are nowadays.
  • Baggage Claim Area – More than 80% of the passengers gather around the baggage collection belt of their check in luggage. The ads through the posters or hoardings over there undoubtedly reach those visions of the passengers concerned.
  • Security Tray Bin – Each and every passenger needs to go through the security check. In term, almost all of them have some kind of electronic media like mobile phone, laptop, etc. which needs to be separately kept in the security tray bins. Hence, any ad display in those trays definitely catches the eyes of the ones keeping their valuables in those.
  • Wall Wray – Be it either entrance or exit, in the restroom or waiting area, anywhere the ads on the wall wraps can be seen by every passenger coming in or going out of the airport.

Best Rates for Airport Hoardings in India-

Airport Media Type

Minimum Ad Duration

Rates / Month (* Onwards)


3 Days

₹ 30,000

DOOH Screens

1 Week

₹ 35,000

Luggage Trolley

1 Month

₹ 900

Conveyor Belts

1 Week

₹ 1,50,000

Display Boards

1 Week

₹ 90,000

Tarmac Coaches

1 Month

₹ 1,50,000