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The Scope and Benefits of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Advertising

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DOOH Advertising Benefits, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is continuously on rise in India. With increasingly penetration of technology in OOH advertising sector, DOOH is leading Ads.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising is the marketing tool that incorporates digitally controlled and programmed media in public spaces. Since the last few years, there has been a substantial rise in DOOH in India. This kind of advertisement can be seen in airports, major railway platforms,  inter-State Bus Terminuses, city squares,  branded retail outlets, car advertising, etc. While out of home advertising is recognized as the oldest form of advertising media, the digitization of this popular kind of advertising is reinventing outdoor advertising. Additionally, with the incorporation of the latest technologies, DOOH Advertising benefits can be seen currently as companies and clients are growing to be smarter and using a more effective version of OOH in the digital era. Grab All the latest DOOH Advertising media options in India with MyHoardings.

DOOH Advertising Benefits in Comparison with OOH:

Digital out of home advertising has several benefits over the traditional out of home advertising media option. A few of them are:

DOOH is more cost-effective and dynamic:

Unlike traditional out of home media option,  the digital out of home advertising variant provides greater flexibility and lesser investment. Since DOOH is all about the digital utilization of advertising space, advertisements can be programmed and periodically featured along with others in a single space. Not only does this make DOOH more affordable by saving printing and mounting costs but this approach also helps save crucial company revenue. Along with this, the ability of programming the periodic ads based on the time of the day, the weather, and the demographics enables the attainment of personalization and higher creative possibility of ads. Furthermore, DOOH provides the scope of connected viewing experience as the ads can be programmed to be broadcasted on several signboards simultaneously.

DOOH provides exact metrics and measurements:

Because of the advantages of estimating the locations, the total spend, the frequency of playback for each ad, DOOH helps the media owners to take an analytical approach towards ad performances. DOOH provides greater transparency and a detailed analysis of the ads. Additionally, as larger numbers of digital displays are advancing to cloud data, DOOH is becoming more exact, clear, and data-oriented. On the contrary, a complete lack of measuring the performance of the brand ads is a severe disadvantage of the traditional OOH advertising option. Besides these, companies are coming up with newer innovative technologies to link smartphone data with digital public display ads. Once this is achieved, DOOH will receive a greater free-market response for better tracking ability.

DOOH creates a relationship between outdoor and online:

With the evolution of DOOH, the media option is inching closer to the adoption of data cloud technology. This is already underway in cities like New York, where one can see kiosks with ad displays installed on the roadside pavements. DOOH Advertising Benefits offer the dual advantages of being connected to the web network as well as serving as free public Wi-Fi hotspots. This technology enables the advertisers to count the number of devices that are being connected to each kiosk and thus, have a much clearer idea of the viewership base.
Furthermore, there is also an increased possibility of connecting DOOH to smartphones and devices to attain a smarter dynamic display on the digital spaces with the connection to the data cloud. Along with this, DOOH is also incorporating the usage of the location information of viewers from their smartphones to establish a connection to dynamic creative which will be available for the passers-by in a specific area.

DOOH offers greater weather durability:

All the digital display spaces are moisture and weatherproof. Therefore, ads can be played on these digital spaces throughout the year without the worry of physical damage to the ad which has been the case of OOH advertising.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is continuously on rise in India. With increasingly penetration of technology in OOH advertising sector, DOOH is leading Ads.

DOOH provides a richer viewing experience:

The digitization of displays has brought forth the possibility of weaving better ad campaigns and stories in comparison to the traditional outdoor image banners. The video ad format is more engaging and has a tendency to create more brand impressions than print image ads. The rich media viewing experience, thus offered by DOOH has a greater scope of winning the attention of passersby which can be made more effectual with the implementation of locational advertising. DOOH Advertising Benefits also prompts people to indulge in impulse purchasing if the ad is featured in the right space and with effective technology. As augmented reality and virtual reality are also merging with DOOH, the digitized advertising spaces thus have greater chances of being successful.

DOOH brings more ROI:

As DOOH rules out printing and mounting charges, printing requirements, and labor costs it inevitably lessens the investments of the media owners on ad campaigns. Along with this, DOOH has the ability to measure ad metrics and ad performance. This helps the advertisers to optimize their brand promotional plans and deliver more efficacious ways of outreach. With the incorporation of the latest technologies, DOOH gives an interactive platform to the consumers to have seamless brand experiences. All of this sums up to generate a higher return on investment margins for the brand owners with availing DOOH Advertising Benefits.

DOOH through its revolutionary and innovative approach is rewriting the industry measures to create a deeper and more satisfactory ad viewing experience for the consumers as well as producing a better model of brand promotion for the advertisers.

Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India.

  • RoadSide Billboard

    DOOH Screens on Roadside


  • 02


    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

  • Lift Lobby DOOH Displays

    Lift Lobby DOOH Displays



OOH Hoardings / Billboard locations In Chennai

Name CategoryLocality/LandmarkDimensionsStarting Price
Airport Road in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Kathipara30X20 Feet₹ 420000 Per Month
Airport Departure Hall in ChennaiHoardingsInside the Airport40X20 Feet₹ 300000 Per Month
Guindy Kathibara in ChennaiHoardingsTowards DLF City90X36 Feet₹ 340000 Per Month
Mount Road Nandanam in ChennaiHoardingsTeynampet Towards Airport18X40 Feet₹ 425000 Per Month
Mount Road Wallajah Signal in ChennaiHoardingsBeach Towards30X10 Feet₹ 165000 Per Month
Santhome Light House in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Marina15X20 Feet₹ 105000 Per Month
Adyar LB Road in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Mylapore15X15 Feet₹90000 Per Month
Eldams Road in ChennaiHoardingsTowards T.Nagar15X25 Feet₹ 75000 Per Month
OMR Siruseri in ChennaiHoardingsTowards Sholinganallur50X25 Feet₹ 185000 Per Month
OMR Padur in ChennaiHoardingsTowards kelambakkam20X25 Feet₹ 55000 Per Month