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DOOH goes bigger and better !!

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Delhi Airport Advertising, Airport Advertising in India

DOOH goes bigger and better !!

Vinyl hoardings, flex hoardings, banners etc are a thing of the past. The new generation is about digital revolution and thus the communication is too making a paradigm shift in term of mode of communication, creative aspects and customization. Outdoor advertising was solely considered to be one tool to reach maximum consumers but today with the advent of digital out-of-home advertising concepts, it has become a vital aspect of any promotional campaign and takes both reach and experiential approach for consumers.  Keeping in mind the evolved target audience the advertisers too are re-evaluating their approach and ad spends.

The fact that the advertisers have numerous technological tools to gather consumer data, it is easier for them to create ads that are relatable and impactfull.  For instance instead of having a regular ad for an upcoming marathon that motivates people to participate, one can opt for more interactive ad where the viewer looks at a stunning video that transform their formal shoes into running ones or change their mobile into a fitness tracker and pops out a question ‘why wait ? Start running now’. The same video can be customized according to the gender and location of the viewer. This ad customization due to immense technological advancement is what brightens up the future of advertising.

Rising ad budgets

  • According to Dentsu Aegis Network’s Global Ad Spend Forecast 2018 Report , in 2018, the expected growth of ad spend in India is at 12.5% where the digital media channels will keep pushing the ad spends growth.
  • In another report of an Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) study by Les Binet and Peter Field on Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Eraalso indicated that the companies benefited from the digital outdoor advertising more than the traditional posters.

These reports are clear mirror that foretells the future of digital advertising space.

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Expanding the media and integrating it with the others for a wholesome effect.

For any brand that wishes to woo its consumers, it is not only important to design product or service with unique features but also to design a communication that engages the consumer on regular basis. Constant communication with potential buyers is the key to higher brand recall leading to greater visibility and customer loyalty which can be ultimately linked with the physical availability of the product.

Digital outdoor advertising is highly beneficial when it comes to engaging the consumers on long-term basis while making conversation with them through other communication mediums as well.

DOOH propels reach while social media platforms enhance consumer engagement with the product or service. If both are integrated for one communication, the impact can be highly fruitful for any ad campaign.

Data is the ultimate key!

Technological advancements have helped us develop tools that can gather consumer data and help the advertisers in designing hyper localized and ultra-personalized content. DOOH uses the data gathered to its advantage by automating, delivering and prioritizing ads according to pre-set conditions such as time-slots, number of people at any particular station at a particular time, customer behavior, weather conditions etc. This lets the advertisers connect on more personalized level to their potential consumers.

Digital outdoor advertising is making its presence felt. With technology being backed with data, this medium is making waves already by providing personalized content that is relatable, impactful and dynamic and is served with sophistication.