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Stimulate high brand recall through Bus advertising in Delhi

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Advertising on DTC buses in Delhi – Transit Media is booming !!

No matter how developed a city is but public transport remains the most reliable means of transportation for general public. Be it metro trains, buses or auto-rickshaws, public transport mediums play a vital role in connecting  different areas and letting people travel to far off places at low cost fares.  In a metro city like Delhi, buses are not only a part of public transportation system but also serve as an advertising medium to reach the masses. The bus riders are enticed to the advertising message till the time they reach their destination.

Why advertise in Delhi buses?

Owned and managed by Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), the Delhi transport system stands on first position for being the largest Bus transport system in India. It is also the world largest operator of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses. Interesting facts about Delhi Transport system:

  • Delhi buses serve 60% of total transportation demand in Delhi.
  • Covers short and long intra-city routes, where Mudrika (ring) And Bahari Mudrika (outer ring) bus routes fall under world’s longest intra-city bus routes.
  • DTC also offer buses for Railway special routes and Metro feeder buses.
  • As per official data, the total number of passengers carried by DTC and cluster buses is approximately 43 lakhs daily.

 After CNG buses, electric buses are the latest addition to the DTC bus system.


Benefit to Advertisers with Delhi Bus advertising:

  • Prominent bus riders include employees and students.
  • The advertisers can run advertising campaigns for longer duration in special route buses like Metro Feeder buses and Ring road and Outer ring road buses to foster strong brand image and brand familiarity. 
  • Brand with women as their prime target audience can specifically advertise in ‘Ladies special buses’ for better brand communication. 
  • Offers multi-dimensional reach to the brand by catching the attention of pedestrians, bus riders, and drivers of other vehicles on the roads.
  • Mass reach promotes brand awareness.
  • Frequent exposure to brand message leads higher brand recall leading to higher sales.


What are the different bus services in Delhi and how can we target specific audience through it?

  • Metro Feeder bus advertising – Office goers, students and young adults.
  • Ladies special Buses – working women, homemakers and young girls.
  • Airport Bus Service – Professionals, airport employees and tourists.
  • Delhi University Special buses- Students, teachers and university staff.
  • Delhi Tour Buses, Sight Seeing buses- Tourists and school students.

Transit Media (Bus/Auto/Cab) Advertising options in India -

CityMedia OptionsMinimum Vehicles Required
MumbaiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto Branding, , Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
New DelhiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Metro Ads, Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
GurugrramCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto BrandingCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
BengaluruCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto BrandingCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
ChennaiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto Branding, , Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10