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Electricity Bill Advertising in Delhi

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Electricity Bill Advertising in Delhi,Yamuna Power Limited,Rajdhani Power Limited? Best rates of Electricity bill branding Delhi

Electricity Bill Advertising in Delhi

The outdoor marketing era began since the first Printed ad came into the picture. It is considered to be one of the oldest and cheapest modes of advertisement in the business marketing techniques. But as you know, the world we live in is evolving continuously, and so do the technologies, which force us to stay upbeat with the trending culture.

Why Electricity Bill advertisement is effective:

 Electricity Bill advertisement is one of the trending marketing media that’s practised among numerous business owners and ad agencies. It is recognized as one of the reliable media to promote a business or sale, as it can offer the maximum outcome in very minimal investment.


Why Delhi is an excellent choice for advertisement?

When it comes to promoting your business, there’s no blanket equation for improving your sales via marketing. But your chances of attaining achievement would be more radiant if you have a knack for identifying potential advertisement media and analyzing them broadly. Well, choosing the location for your ad campaign is vital, as it decides the ad’s exposure. In that case, which place can be more efficient than DELHI. Delhi, being the capital is one of the fastest-growing states in the world. And the reality that the state is enduring swift development has opened the door of opportunities to business owners to market theirs.

Electricity Bill Advertising in Delhi,Yamuna Power Limited,Rajdhani Power Limited? Best rates of Electricity bill branding Delhi

 How Choosing Electricity Bill Advertising in Delhi is Beneficial?


  • Reliance group’s BSES Yamuna Power Limited provides the demanding electricity requirements to entire East Delhi, covering significant parts of Pahar Ganj & Patel Nagar, walled city of Delhi. The electricity bills generated per cycle for each household is 15,00,000.


  • While East Delhi is taken care with BSES Yamuna Power Ltd, South and West Delhi is covered by BSES Rajdhani Power Limited. They have installed about 2479385 meters around the households.


  • Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd is responsible for the power supply in the North & Northern West part of Delhi. The whole distribution range is divided into 12 extensive geographic areas. Tata has a customer base of almost 13.7 lakhs who receive at least 1 electricity bill in every 35 days.


  • Electricity bills have high chances of luring the consumer’s attention, and it has a longer shelf time, which is often found lying on the shelves or tables, thus giving more visibility.


  • As the consumers have to pay attention to the utility bills like electricity bills, advertising your brand on these bills is ingenious. Because it ensures that your ad gets undivided attention from the consumers.


  • With the Power supply board covering specific areas all over Delhi, you can promote your business with a targeted audience in a selected area.


MyHoardings is committed to offering the best service in Electricity BillsDelhi advertising rates for your business. We are confident that we can give the most robust results in driving the target audience and generating sales. Our expertise in outdoor advertising by the collaboration with media owners and knowledge of managing thousands of marketing process comes handy to plan and execute the campaign.

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