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How ATM advertising in Bangalore help you gain visibility?

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ATM advertising in Bangalore

ATM screen and Kiosk as advertising medium –  

Private non-bank ATM setups or white label ATMs (WLAs), permitted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that allows displaying third-party advertisements are the most advanced advertising solution for business owners to promote effectively.


ATM advertising is becoming one of the best advertisements media, which can get your business in front of massive customers but one person at a time. Isn’t it fascinating to know that you have an advertisement option where you can reach your audience with no competition from other brands? ATM advertising is influential, efficient and surprisingly affordable.

ATM advertising in Bangalore:

Bangalore is heaven for marketing agencies and has excellent scope for advertisements as the people over here are filled with an entrepreneur spirit. This city is a diverse place with people from different places, and it offers lots to do around. This is a place with so many IT sectors, which means it is crowded with IT professionals who love to shop and explore around. Obviously, this makes them visit the ATM often.

 Why ATM advertising in Bangalore could prove effective game changer than any other media?

ATM advertising has high visibility compared to other media as the ads are displayed in the ATMs. Making your ads visible, when people come to withdraw their money & planning their next cash purchases is a smart move, as ads displayed here are not crowded. Unlike billboards & retail signage utilised to advertise products and services to the customers, ATM ads act as a prime advertisement space that can reach an individual.


  • Easily advertise your goods & services Ads displayed on ATM screens can be targeted directly to cardholders who are managing their cash transactions using ATM.


  • To run a locality-based campaign, ATM advertisements are a wise choice. As the ATM’s are placed in many local areas, you can choose to display your ads in more than one locality. It’s simply great to widen your audience base just by selecting one or more geographic regions.


  • Studies show that ATM advertising is very affordable compared to other media. It is surprisingly 65 percent less expensive.


  • The direct mail advertisements are gradually losing its prominence as the other media has taken over its credibility. Especially ATM advertising is nearly 200 per cent more efficient than a direct mail advertisement.


  • By choosing the right crowded location, you can reach more number of potential customers.


  • ATM is an exceptional place to seize a customer’s attention because, during the time that the customer is in the ATM room, the brand has his undivided attention for at least 45 seconds.


  • You can easily convert prospects into actual customers with appropriate and relevant ads.


  • Increasing brand exposure with less investment makes this medium more attractive among marketers.


  • Simply easy enough to promote new offerings, deals, events, products and flash sales.


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