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Explore endless branding opportunities through No Broker Hood App

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We see high rise, multistoried buildings in every city these days. The residential societies are meant to provide safe, comfortable and luxurious homes with all the amenities. Maintaining these high rise buildings can be difficult as they are spread across huge area and have over 100 residents in a medium-sized society. To make maintenance easy and quick, residential societies can make use of No Broker Hood app.

One of its kind, No Broker Hood or NBH app has been exclusively developed to make financial management, visitor management and maintenance of gated communities easy and hassle free. Not only it can make society management easy but it also act as an advertising platform for various brands and services that has people living in residential societies as their prime target audience.

All about NBH app:

  • NBH app is leading app in visitor as well as financial management systems in India dedicated to housing societies.
  • At present the app serves 15 major cities of India including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad
  • The app has approximately 4 million active users by serving its services across 18000+ societies.
  • The app is one stop solution for financial, visitor and staff management.

How can brands and services benefit from NBH app advertising?

The benefits of NBH app advertising includes:

  • The brands can reach over 20 Lac household and 40 Lac+ residents in Tier 1 Cities of India.
  • The app act as a platform for personalized advertising, niche targeting and for activating hyper local marketing campaigns.
  • By reaching a defined target group or cohort, the brand can easily maximize its reach and visibility.

Various ad formats that can be used for NBH advertising:

NBH app offers both online and offline brand activation through various ad formats such as:

  • On-Ground Activations: Physical kiosks, events, experiential campaigns, flea market, food truck, product display etc.
  • On-line activation: Banner campaign, WhtsApp Campaign, Telegram campaign and push notification.
  • NBH exclusive online store facilitates various brands related to food and beverages, healthcare, bill payment services and maintenance services like ac repair and cleaning, home painting and cleaning etc. to advertise themselves on this platform.
  • Other ad formats include lift branding, digital notice boards, sample distribution, product demos etc.
  • The brands can also conduct research and polls in order to collect useful data about their target audience.

Brands that can make use of NBH app branding include:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Healthcare
  • FMCG
  • Health and lifestyle
  • EDTech

Branding in housing societies is made easy through NBH app branding. The app has the ability to reach a cohort or target group that is prime customer of any brand. The various on line and off line branding opportunities offered by the app helps a brand to create awareness, maximize brand reach and visibility and help in brand reinforcement through a single platform.