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Foster Credible Brand Image through Airport Advertising in India!

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Airport Advertising in India. Check BEST rates for Airport Advertising in Delhi,Mumbai and Chennai

Airport Advertising in India !

Airport advertising has surfaced as a prominent OOH advertising medium in past few years. Airport advertising was always thought of as a medium to reach the affluent section of the audience. However, the prospective has changed as now middle class families too prefer air travel. The change has been bought by cheap flight options, discounts offered by travel websites, rise in the number of airline services and the digitization of booking, check-in, on-line boarding passes etc. Air travel has never been easier and that is why more and more people look forward to travel via airplanes.

Airport advertising: A subtle yet impactful advertising medium

  • Airport offers a lucrative advertising environment as the flyers are in state of excitement, have positive outlook and are in receptive mode for any form of communication.
  • 73% of airport audience is likely to indulge in shopping at the airport as they feel excited and motivated to treat themselves with new things or buy for their loved ones.
  • Flyers are usually attracted to duty-free shopping and are also interested in buying products which might not be available at prime markets of the city.
  • Airport audience have on an average of 90% ad awareness.
  • Airport audience likely to shop for highend luxury brands.

Airport Audience: Profile and Perception


  • Business class audience travelling for work meeting to national and international location.
  • Families, couples and students travelling for vacation, adventure trips and honeymoon trips.
  • Expat workers flying in and out of the airport for both work and for meeting families during holidays.
  • College students studying at various national and international educational institutes.


  • Airport advertising reaches the decision makers of the family.
  • The airport premises is best to showcase B2B brands and luxury brands as the executive business class audience feel motivated to respond to the ads they see at the airports.
  • Brands advertised at airport are perceived as privileged, high-end, trustworthy and premium brands by the airport audience.
  • 85 % of international frequent flyers like that of business class admit that they enjoy airport advertising.
  • Out of total footfall at the airport 85% of the audience is believed to respond on the brand message.

Airport Advertising in India. Check BEST rates for Airport Advertising in Delhi,Mumbai and Chennai

Airport Ambiance: The prime stimulus

  • Clean, organised and uncluttered advertising environment at airport encourages more audience attention.
  • Airports well lit and have a 24×7 power back up facility which let the airport ads shine bright all throughout the day and night. The ad is live for extended hours leading to higher audience attention and visibility.
  • The passenger traffic never stops at the airport as flights are scheduled at different times of the day as well as night. This lively atmosphere of airport keeps the passengers excited, motivated and alert.
  • Designated space for advertising at various points such as entry gates, exit gates, parking areas, airport lounges, waiting areas etc. draws inevitable flyer’s attention.
  • The comfortable airport lounges and waiting areas allow flyers to relax, observe and absorb the environment during their dwell time. As result the airport advertising message is well received and leads to higher brand recall.

Airport Advertising in India: Options and placement

  • Product Display: Product displays ignite curiosity in the airport audience. Trying the product or getting a feel of it seems an ideal way to spend the dwell time for flyers waiting for their flight announcements. Products can be displayed at the airport lounges, at the airport lobbies, waiting areas etc.
  • Lift Doors: Airport lifts are double the normal lift size in order to facilitate easy luggage movement. Putting ads on the lift doors and inside the lifts will catch the attention of lift users instantly. They time to reach the floor will be the time the brand message will be absorbed the lift users.
  • Luggage trolleys: The ads put on luggage trolleys get maximum attention as 90% of flyers use luggage trolleys to carry their belongings safely and easily. The ads are placed on the trolley form of posters on both the sides of the luggage trolley.
  • Back lit Hoardings: These work best to attract international flyers as most of the international flights are scheduled for night hours and back-lit hoardings pulls the attention of these affluent flyers like no other medium. Back lit hoardings can be placed at airport lounges, lobby areas, waiting areas, parking lot and alongside the approach road of the airport.
  • Security Tray: An important step in boarding the flight is to clear airport security and to do so one has to keep their personal belongings in security tray. The security tray branding can’t be ignored gets maximum eyeballs as nobody can miss the security clearance at the airport. The ads are placed in the form of stickers on all trays booked for a single client.
  • Conveyor Belt: The ads on the conveyor belt are placed along both the sides of the belt that carries the luggage to the people after the security check. The ads placed on the belt create long lasting impression on the flyers mind as they stand right in front of the belt and unconsciously absorb the brand message till they time they collect their luggage.
  • Airport WI-Fi: Branding on airport Wi-Fi Portal is a sure shot way to get your brand message across to the target audience. The brands can gather crucial consumer information in exchange of Wi-Fi password.
  • Flight info screens and scroll screens: Brands can sponsor screens that display information about flight schedules and also put up scroll screens for flyers to get information either about the brand itself or about vital information such as flight timings, terminals etc.

List of busiest airports in India:

                          Airports Annual Passenger Traffic
1 Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi 65,691,662
2 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport,  Mumbai 48,815,063
3 Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru 33,307,702
4 Chennai International Airport, Chennai 22,543,822
5 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata 21,877, 350
6. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad 21,403,972
7. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad 11,172,468
8. Cochin International Airport, Kochi 10,119,825
9. Pune Airport, Pune 9,070,917
10. Dabolim Airport, Dabolim, Goa 8,467,326


For effective airport branding/advertising, the brands must pick the airport that has the maximum footfall of the flyers that match their target audience’s profile. Brands like B2B brands, luxury brands, tourism companies and banking and financial institutions can get the best reach, visibility, brand recall and superior brand image through airport advertising across India.


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  • Airport Advertising at Rowriah Airport at Jorhat in Assam
  • Airport Advertising at Kanpur Airport in Uttar Pradesh
  • Airport Advertising at Lilabari Airport in Assam
  • Airport Branding at Lucknow Airport in Uttar Pradesh
  • Airport Advertising at Madurai Airport in Tamil Nadu
  • Airport Branding at Pantnagar Airport in Uttarakhand
  • Airport Advertising at Patna Airport in Bihar
  • Airport Branding at Porbandar Airport in Gujarat
  • Airport Advertising at Prayagraj Airport in Uttar Pradesh
  • Airport Branding at Rajkot Airport in Gujarat
  • Airport Advertising at Birsa Munda Airport at Ranchi in Jharkhand
  • Airport Advertising at Umroi Airport at Shilong in Meghalaya
  • Airport Advertising at Silchar Airport in Assam
  • Airport Advertising at Surat Airport in Gujarat
  • Airport Branding at Tezpur Airport in Assam
  • Airport Advertising at Tirupati Airport in Andhra Pradesh
  • Airport Branding at Vadodara Airport in Gujarat

Airport Advertising rates in India / Cost of Airport Branding

Airport Media Type

Minimum Ad Duration

Rates / Month (* Onwards)


3 Days

₹ 30,000

DOOH Screens

1 Week

₹ 35,000

Luggage Trolley

1 Month

₹ 900

Conveyor Belts

1 Week

₹ 1,50,000

Display Boards

1 Week

₹ 90,000

Tarmac Coaches

1 Month

₹ 1,50,000