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Google steps into DOOH space!

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Google is already leading the online advertising market but now with its DSP platform DV360, it is all set to enter digital out-of-home advertising space (DOOH). The users of Google’s one-stop-solution for all the advertising needs, DV360, can now book DOOH screens to display ads at public places. Be it malls, market areas, elevators, stadiums, taxis, bus stops or any other public space, Google will serve all DOOH spaces at a single platform, DV 360

The positives to count on:

  • The historic move will help the OOH sector to grow significantly and will boost OOH ROI results for the brands.
  • It will also boost investment in the DOOH advertising industry.
  • The data driven DOOH advertising will unleash the programmatic strength of the DOOH screens and Leds.
  • As Google has already decided to uplift third party cookies, digital advertising is eventually taking a backseat while giving OOH advertising more opportunities to connect to the audience.
  • Through this move, the advertisers will be able to launch, manage and channelize their DOOH advertising campaigns through a single platform.

The only challenge that Google will face will be its incompetence in mapping capabilities as compared to its competitors who are already thriving upon this trading feature of OOH advertising.

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 What does Google DV360 offers to advertisers?

  1. With ads on Google’s DV360 platform, the advertisers can reach mass audience through screens of any shape and size globally.
  2. The advertisers can have complete control over outdoor digital campaigns. They can optimize, play, pause and change the DOOH campaign at any time.
  3. Programmatic bidding through this platforms allows one screen to be used by multiple brands to capture specific audience. For instance, if a food app displays its ads on the screen during lunch hours, the same screen can be used by a restaurant to promote ‘happy-hours discounts’.
  4. The programmatic bidding brings transparency to the OOH advertising platform.

Any scope for personalized DOOH yet?

The advertisers might hope for personalized DOOH with Google’s big step to enter the DOOH ad space but this is still a farfetched dream as Google finds it, a not so viable commercially and ethically idea as it takes away the essence of the OOH advertising medium itself. We all know OOH advertising holds-up as a mass-advertising medium and making it a personalized platform will lead to privacy breach and might offend the audience. An idea where you Google ‘shoe stores near me’ and instantly you see display ads of the stores as you walk by might sound attractive but it does not fit all as OOH platforms run on display-time factor and not on personalized data.

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Moreover, the advertisers will reap higher ROI if the ad campaign is targeted to masses rather than through one-on-one advertising. OOH is inherently a collective or mass medium, it operates on one-to-many model and not on one-on-one theory.

Concluding here, Google DV360 platform for DOOH space will unleash the true potential of out-of-home advertising by offering flexibility, transparency, control and results by acting as one-stop-shop for all programmatic advertising needs.