November 28, 2020


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My Hoardings : a platform where advertising agencies and marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals.

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Myhoardings all kind of hoardings consultation

My Hoardings : a platform where advertising agencies and marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals.

Advertising:Everybody does Advertising for business and brand.

Advertising through hoardings is big business. Owners of buildings including societies try to augment their resources by successfully exploiting this source of revenue. Outdoor Hoardings are put up on the terrace or in the compound or on the walls of a building. We also find roadside hoardings which generally belong to hoardings advertising agencies . As these hoardings are big enough, and leveled quite high, they are easily spotted. Their bright colors and larger than life figures catch everyone’s eyes. This is the reason why hoardings are so much in demand.

My Hoardings aims is to provide kind of solution which can ease complexity of outdoor advertising. Co-founded by Raj who in his previous role was QA in IBM and Ashok who was a SE in Mahindra.

My Hoardings which launched at Un Plugged 2012 is looking to create a single platform in outdoor hoardings advertising to help customers with all of their media advertising challenges. Provides the latest features and a user friendly environment that allows marketing companies to reach their customers and provide best services in a cost effective manner.


It provides a unique and centralized place to Business owners to search for their Outdoor business promotion needs in the form of all Out of Home (OOH) advertising services (Viz. Outdoor hoardings ,Advertisement on Railways ,Ads On/In Buses, Mobile Hoardings , Advertising on Taxi ,Magazine Ads,Airport Advertising, Newspaper Advertising , Promotion of Business via TV and Radio/FM Commercials ,Signage ,Digital Ads ,3D Ads ,Exhibition advertising in more ..)The way it typically works is that bigger brands which hire third party agencies to help them with the media queries. My Hoardings is creating a platform to get the two essential elements the “advertisers” and the “media owners” in a single platform. Pledges its service to all Business owner’s across India, as a centralized place to seek information of all advertising needs.
The advertiser can choose category his search based on a number of parameters to the media type (OOH, Railway, magazines,newspaper) along with campaign reach, objective and the income level of the target audience.

My hoardings hardly gets a small share around 10% from the media owners’ as a fee.

The Bangalore based My Hoardings creates an image for your business, an image that determines the way you are seen by our customers. At My Hoardings our mission is to make the best media accessible to all consumers. “ DELIVERS RESULTS THROUGH GREAT IDEAS” . Do visit the Site-List Page to SUBMIT list of vacant hoarding sites and Check out your potential clients .My Hoardings is having wide spectrum of clients. Every business required attention, identity that’s why My Hoardings introduced some Medias which is suitable for every business & it gives them sparking their identity.

Outdoor Advertising Rates in India

Mode of AdvertisingSize (In Sq. Feet)Rates ( Start from)
Hoardings12x8₹ 10,000
Unipoles10x10₹ 5,000
Skywalk12x8₹ 40,000
Bus Shelter12x8₹ 1,20,000
Metro Pillar12x8₹ 18,000
Digital OOH10x10₹ 30,000

FAQ’s for Out of Home Advertising in India-

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