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Lift Advertising in Pune

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Lift Advertising in Pune

Have you been wondering where to invest your money in advertising your brand? Are you interested in reaching out to urban consumers in western India? Pune might be a good place to start your branding journey from. The city is the eighth-most populated city in India and the second largest in Maharashtra. Therefore, advertising in Pune, besides Mumbai, is a crucial addition in the to-do list of advertisers to advertise their brand.

One effective way to catch the attention of consumers every day is lift advertising. You might have noticed elevators and lifts adorned with the advertisements of brands in malls or MNCs. The same could be done in apartments as well. Lift advertising in apartments is a great way to build brand consciousness among urban people. Residents of a society or an apartment take the elevators at least 2 to 4 times a day. This means that they will be in the close influence of the brand at least twice a day.

In lift advertising, printed acrylic sheets of the advertisements are put up inside the lifts in the Pune apartments. Lift advertising also makes digital backlit panels available. Besides this, lift advertising has all the makings to attract the attention of people. Since there are fewer distractions in a lift journey, the residents are bound to observe the brand message closely. Also, lift advertising offers branding services in an enclosed environment. This is bound to generate a deeper brand interaction and hence, greater brand impressions among people.

Furthermore, it is proven that lift advertising produces more recall value because of its daunting influence. Additionally, there are chances that the visitors in the apartments too will be impressed by the brand message. Therefore, though branding in the lifts of RWAs directly influences the residents of the apartments, it also has the scope to impress other people from different corners of the city as well.

So, capitalize on the advertising medium today and make your brand more visible in the market by indulging in lift branding in Pune.

Cost of RWA Society Gate Ads / Lift Advertising / Kiosk Ads in India –

RWA Advertising Mode

Campaign Duration


Society Gate

6 Months

₹ 40,000

Lift Advertising

1 Month

₹ 1,400

Kiosk Setup

1 Day

₹ 3,000