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Have limited marketing budget? Try Low Budget Advertising Mediums

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Are you one of those who are of the opinion that advertising drains huge money? How does the idea of low budget advertising sound to you? Well, if you are terribly low in your budget you can still carry out a good branding campaign. The advertising world has been recently flooded with numerous options with varying budgets. Therefore, you can now advertise your brand without worry even if you are low in budget. MyHoardings is the best media to provide you with low budget advertising options.

Low budget Advertising options:

They are quite a few advertising options available in low budget ranges:

Auto advertising:

  • Advertising on autos is one such option that can never go wrong. Autos are one of the most popular modes of transportation in the cities and in the suburbs. Therefore, it is inevitable that branding on the autos will take your brand to the farthest corners of the city. Additionally, there is no minimum duration for branding on the autos. The ads stay pasted unless they get damaged or are taken off. The price of branding on an auto depends on the city but is usually around 200 INR. So, with this low pricing, auto advertising is a dependable option for branding in cities.


Tricycle advertising:

  • If you have not yet heard of this kind of advertising, you are missing out on a potent form of branding. Tricycle advertising is one of the quirkiest and most unique forms of advertising. As they are solely for the purpose of branding, you can custom design a tricycle as per your own needs. You can also decide the route of the tricycle and the layout of the box on which the ad is displayed. Tricycle advertising is a flexible form of branding as you can zero in on a specific route and later, keep the tricycle parked at a crowded place like a mall or a railway station. Thus tricycle advertising is a street-smart and eco-friendly branding approach.


Advertising on ‘No Parking’ boards:

  • ‘No Parking’ boards have also gathered momentum in recent times for branding purposes. This is also one effective branding option to spread the word of your brand. The ‘No Parking’ boards are usually placed on the roads and crowded public places. Therefore, advertising on ‘No Parking’ boards is one efficient way to get brand impressions. Besides these, these boards are easy to install, are weather-proof, promise longevity, and provide good brand visibility.