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How can we promote business in Delhi malls?

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Mall Advertising in Delhi,How to promote business in Delhi Malls? Mall Advertising is prominent way to plan ad campaigns in Delhi and NCR. Mall Hoardings, Lit Billboards and Kiosks.

Malls in Delhi are one of the most popular and favorite places of Delhites to spend time with family and friends. Not only are they the hotspots for the weekend crowds all over the city but malls also serve the purpose of delivering greater standards of products and services to people. Thus, it is a no-brainer that the malls in Delhi attract the best of the luxury and commercial brands. So, if you wish to make your brand a nationwide sensation, planning an ad campaign in Delhi malls is a constructive step towards your goal. Mall advertising in Delhi is the proven way to grow and increase your sales by connecting with MyHoardings.

Advertising in Delhi malls is one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote business in the National Capital Region. It is a sure-shot way to garner the direct attention of potential buyers. Running an advertising campaign in Delhi malls sets a benchmark for your brand in the commercial market. On a similar note, there are countless ways in which you can promote your business in Delhi malls.

To extract the maximum benefits of mall advertising in Delhi, you can adopt the following ways for the presentation of your product:

Organizing occasional events and competitions

Engaging with the visitors in the malls will build an instant awareness for your brand. Planning brand events and fun competitions actively promote the sale of your brand among the regular people visiting the malls, especially in the weekends. Additionally, planned events also accelerate the spread of information about the brand to each potential customer. Furthermore, on-field promotions are well received not only by consumers but also by the mall authorities as these events help attract more crowds.


Giving out periodic discount offers and other benefits

The key to garnering the attention of maximum people is to bring your brand into the mainstream market. The most efficient way to generate the popularity of your brand among the consumers is to give out occasional discount offers and benefits. Indian consumers love the idea of getting more for less. So, you could arrange for different benefits and add-ons, if not discounts, for your customers to foster a continued retail trust.


Planning an efficient and unique campaign for mall marketing

We all know that half of the attraction in the malls is due to the unique and vibrant media options on display. Designing and building informative and imaginative advertising for brand promotion is sure to invoke a greater consumer response. Along with this, mall brand promotion through different modes of advertising has a direct call to action approach. Similarly, this also influences people to buy the product right off of the shelves from the retail outlets in the malls.

Few modes of Mall Advertising in Delhi are –

  • Standees,
  • Backlit panels,
  • Advertising on escalators, elevators, food courts, multiplex,
  • Hoardings,
  • Setting up kiosks,
  • Dropdown banners,
  • LED screens,
  • Atrium beams,
  • Parking pillars,
  • Flag poles, etc.

Top Mall advertising service provider in India

S. NoMall NameMedia Options
1Lulu International Shopping Mall, KochiAmbient Lit Panel, Pillar Branding, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade,Drop Down
2DLF Mall of India, NoidaBack Lit Panel, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade,Drop Down
3Sarath City Capital Mall, HyderabadKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
4Z Square Mall, KanpurKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, UniPole
5World Trade Park Mall, JaipurBack Lit Panel, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
6Phoenix Marketcity Mall, BangaloreKiosk, Back Lit Panel
7Elante Mall, ChandigarhKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
8Esplanade One Mall, BhubaneswarFront Lit Panel, Paylon, Frisking Booth, Back Lit Signage
9Phoenix Marketcity Mall, ChennaiKiosk,Standee,Digital Screen,Facade,Pillar Branding
10Ambience Mall, DelhiDigital Screen, Lift Branding, Escalator Branding