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The future of outdoor advertising is in ‘Digital Display’ boards

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Future of outdoor advertising in ‘Digital Display’ boards

Conventionally most outdoor advertising in India has consisted of painted signboards and displays.In some cases the printed posters are fixed on to the hoardings. However like all advertising in the online and offline media, outdoor advertising will also change over a period of time, which will vary depending on the message which has to be conveyed by the advertiser. For most conventional painted or printed outdoor advertising changing the message can be time consuming, expensive and hazardous.

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However with ‘Digital Display’ boards the outdoor advertising can be changed quickly at a very low cost. Though the initial cost of purchasing and installing the digital display board will be higher than conventional painted or printed outdoor advertising, there are a number of advantages of using these electronic display boards. Most outdoor advertising is located at a height so that it can be visible to a large number of people in the surrounding area. The other advantage of placing it at a height is that it cannot be easily tampered. Hence it will be difficult for the advertiser or his advertising agency to reach the location and change the advertising message or display.

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However when digital display boards are used usually LED or similar electronic components are used to control the message displayed. Using suitable networking and programming software, the advertiser or his agency can change the display message on the digital display board remotely, often from the comfort of his or her office. The advertising agency or advertiser does not have to spend time and money, repeatedly finding a painter who will undertake the hazardous task of climbing up to the advertising site and painting the advertising message as required by the advertiser.When a digital display board will be used, the advertising message can be changed as often as required resulting in higher revenues.

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