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Remit2India assign its creative duties to Lowe Lintas

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Remit2India hires Lowe Lintas for creative duties !!

Remit2India, an established online money transfer brand has awarded its creative duties to one of the most reliable advertising firm, Lowe Lintas. The project aims at re-launching, the brand, Remit2India, in the markets across the world. The business strategy will essentially focus on creating clutter-breaking and digital-first communication for its target audience spread across the globe.

The creative mandate will be handled by Lowe Lintas, Mumbai office. Remit2India has a turnaround of whooping $70 billion annually from its target audience all over the world. It will be the responsibility of the advertising firm to create communication messages that highlights the brand’s unique brand promise in an appealing way. In this highly competitive and commoditised market, an effective communication strategy will be implemented to connect to the global Indian audience. Remit2India, which is direct-to-consumer brand of Nyuvo, has hired Lowe Lintas keeping in mind its outstanding track record.

Remit2India hires Lowe Lintas

Achal Shah, chief business and marketing officer of Nyuvo has stated that the campaign is an effort to create fresh communication messages for Indian diaspora that has shown great brand affinity over the years. The messages will focus on brand’s unique propositions and will talk about the brand’s values in an effort to connect to the Indian audience across the world.

Raj Gupta, CEO, Lowe Lintas was also enthusiastic about this collaboration with Remit2India. He indicated that connecting to global India audience that is emotionally and culturally driven by their roots for their choices, is indeed a challenge. By creating fresh communication strategy, the firm will try to address its target audience through a digital-first approach.

On the other hand, Anaheeta Goenka, president, Lawe Lintas also stated that the firm is proud to partner with Remit2Inida. She said that providing creative services to a brand that have a target audience that is ‘illogically emotional’ about its homeland is a huge challenge but the firm will try to meet this challenge by creating a new era of ‘click and connect'”.


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