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Signpost India and Pressman Advertising Ltd. merger will explore the DOOH potential  

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Signpost India, the largest digital out of home advertising enterprise and Pressman Advertising, India’s topmost full service advertising agency are all set to unleash the true of potential of DOOH advertising through their merger. The companies are gearing up for an incredible merger that would pool in the best of both worlds to create a stronger and bigger entity. Through their years of experience in advertising field, knowledge and expertise in the industry both the companies will make up for a single unit that aims at pumping up business and exploring the full potential of DOOH advertising in India.

Pressman Advertising is a listed company and therefore, the merger will take up at least six to eight months to complete the formalities as well as all the approvals needed for a merger. Meanwhile the two companies will share skill sets, discuss each other strengths to take the business forward.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Signpost India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Shripad Ashtekar stated that “With the merger of Pressman Advertising’s business into Signpost India, the company Signpost India Ltd. would get listed subject to statutory, regulatory and other approvals.” He also added that the companies through their knowledge, experience and expertise will be able to prioritise digital advertising and emerging technologies along with their advertising and promotion services.

In view of exploring the full potential of digital and out of home advertising, the companies aim at blending the AI Intelligence with DOOH assets. It will be revolutionary drive for the DOOH platform as the AI enabled DOOH advertising will help in widening target audience’s reach and visibility and push brand scalability through customise communication for hyper local targeting and acting as virtual point of sale.

Pressman Advertising Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed independent and debt free advertising agency. It is full service advertising agency that offers advertising, promotions, public relations, media planning, media buying, design and digital services to its clients. With four decades of experience, the company has strong reputation in the media industry. On the other hand Signpost India Pvt. Ltd. too has a strong foot hold in the industry with its large scale projects in the public sector. It is an ISO certified independent DOOH company. It has benefited the society by implementing projects s like bus shelters, street furniture, self-service bicycle system, city informational panels, digital innovation at airports, internet enabled traffic monitoring system and mobile charging terminals. The company not only facilitates citizens through its services but also generates revenue for the government. The clientele of the company includes 100 brands, MSME brands, PSUs and Tourism sector. Apart from this the company also powers large scale digital billboards.

The merger of the tow companies will foresee a new era of digital revolution where the digital outdoor advertising meets artificial intelligence for customized communication. The shift from traditional media to digital space is rapid and the combined expertise, skill set and resources of the two reputed entities will only work in the favour of the Digital out-of-home advertising.

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