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Various shoutout options and categories available for brand marketing

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Various shoutout options and categories available for brand marketing

The surge of social media influencers and celebrities has given a new definition to brand endorsements. These influencers have fostered a healthy relationship with their viewers. Thus they tend to draw huge support and viewership from their fan base. Therefore, influencer marketing has the scope to become more popular than the traditional modes of advertising.

Companies and brands have been taking advantage of influencers and celebrities’ popularity to make their brands known to the masses. So, social media and influencer marketing have become useful tools in brand marketing. Additionally, this new batch of brand ambassadors has changed the way people look at brands. Rather than featuring in some superficial brand ad, influencers now feature the brand in their own blog posts or vlogs. Their honest opinions and convincing reviews build brand relativity among the viewers.

Types of celebrity and influencer brand shoutouts:

Whether you are a small business or an established one, you too can go down the most trusted route of fostering solid brand recognition among consumers. There are several ways of ensuring maximum viewer retention through various influencer shoutout options.

  1. Sponsored Posts: Viewers on various social media platforms usually have a trustworthy relationship with the influencers they follow. As a result, when influencers engage in sponsored posts for brands, viewers trust their brand associations. The social trust of the viewers cultured by the content creators helps the brand in getting noticed. Besides, there is a double advantage of sponsorships on popular media platforms. The youth, who are the most inclined to various social media platforms, also are the most brand-conscious consumer base among the other demographic of people. Therefore, through celebrity and influencer shoutouts, they automatically form the target group of brands for brand outreach campaigns.
  2. Shoutouts or mentions on social media platforms: Influencer shoutouts can also take the form of promoting brands across various social media platforms. These posts include videos or photographs and tailored messages for the brands. Influencers also give out brand goodies and discount codes with each of such posts, thus attracting instant attention from viewers. Additionally, the content and tone of these posts are customized for the viewership base.
  3. Brand ambassadors: Brand ambassadors are people who use the brands to be endorsed and talk about them on both online and offline channels. They usually become the ‘face of the brand’ as viewers identify the brands with them. Brand ambassadors go to public events and press conferences to talk about the brand and their association with it. This also works to reinforce the star power of the celebrities as, through these endorsements, they always remain in the public eye.