Thu. Aug 6th, 2020


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The advertising giant NS Publicity now extends their support to COVID-19 victims

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The advertising giant NS Publicity now extends their support to COVID-19 victims

Since the past few days, NS Publicity has been proactively organizing informative initiatives to spread awareness about COVID-19. The media giant has the reach to touch the lives of millions of people through its media options. The media owner wants to take the maximum advantage of this opportunity to do its bit in the collective battle against the virus. NS Publicity aims to help the Rajasthan state government more ardently by building care units for the affected patients. The advertising giant wishes to aid the state government to tackle the rising number of positive COVID-19 cases.

This Samaritan approach follows their outdoor campaign of spreading the important message of staying indoors. They have been actively warning the masses about the concerning situation in the country. Additionally, the media owner has also been educating the people about the dos and don’ts regarding the pandemic. Messages like “Staying home means saving lives” and “Save lives, clean your hands” are being displayed on 121 media options throughout the state 24*7. Along with this, the company also thinks that it is their moral duty to build awareness about the precautions too.

The company hopes to utilize its reputation of 30 years of service to expand the awareness program to remotest corners of the state. Alongside this, the company is also planning more initiatives to fight the pandemic. This includes the building of care units for the COVID-19. NS Publicity is currently in talks with the state administration to implement their plan. They have also been urging other business giants to do their bit in these times of distress.