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Tips and Tricks to improve conversion rate!

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Improving conversion rate is secondary but understanding what conversion actually means and what importance it holds in digital marketing holds prime importance to improvise on conversion rates through tips and tricks we will discuss here. So, let’s begin by understanding what is conversion?

What is conversion?

Conversion in advertising in simple terms can be understood as the process of pushing a potential customer from being an ad viewer into buyer of a product or a service. The conversion process involves action such as ‘clicking a banner ad’ on website or ‘making a call’ or ‘viewing a video ad’ etc. When the advertising is compelling enough to lure the target audience to perform any such action that encourages him or her to buy a product or service can be defined as ‘conversion’ in advertising.

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the method by which the number of ad viewers or website visitors are segregated from the people who actually responded to ‘call to action’. The conversion rate is calculated as:

Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) * 100%

It is method of calculating percentage of people who made purchase or got engaged with the brand in any form due to the ‘call to action’ such as ‘click’, ‘subscribe’, ‘ visit the page’, ‘fill form’, ‘sign-up’ etc. after watching the advertisement on a website or app.

What is importance of conversion rate?

Conversion rate holds significant importance in digital advertising as it determine the success or failure of any digital ad campaign. Also, through conversion rate calculation the company can also review their own performance. Moreover, to keep a check on whether the digital ad campaign is heading in right direction, conversion rate does come handy. If the conversion rate is low than your digital ad campaign definitely needs improvisation.

What to do to boost conversion rate?

Now you know the importance of conversion rate in digital advertising campaigns and any brand or company who wished to reach their advertising goals must strive for higher conversion rates to achieve digital campaign goals such as rise in sales, positive brand building, maximizing reach and visibility etc. The conversion rate of a mediocre website is 2.35% and therefore, any slight rise in this percentage holds a lot of importance for the company or a brand.

Here are some tips through which the company can boost their conversion rate:

  • Conversion rate optimization

It may sound weird as to how one can plan to optimize conversion rate which is purely based on the likes and dislikes of the website visitor. But here conversion rate optimization planner comes into play. Through the CRO planner the company can filter as to when did the conversion rates went high during the campaign, what motivated the visitors, what things need to be eliminated from the digital campaigns that stops the website visitors from getting converted etc. The CRO planner will guide you to foster better digital advertising campaign.

  • Examine landing pages

People often ignore landing pages once they set them up and focus on other things to increase conversion rate. However, landing page must be the prime focus of any company to boost conversion rate as it is the prime touch point where the visitor watches the ad or get engaged with the brand call. To improve landing pages, the company can opt for A/B testing of landing pages. Through this test one can check which version of the websites garners more conversion rate. The problems with the landing pages can be fixed one at a time so that one can get a better understanding of which feature of the landing page pushed the conversion rate to go up and which one was ignored by the user. For instance, if you wish to change the copy for ‘call to action’ and placement of the ad on the landing page, then go for these changes one by one and not everything at once. A/B testing keeps a check on the mileage of any landing page and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

  • Persuasive CTA ( Call-To –Action)

In digital advertising campaigns the power lies in the words you use to lure the target audience to act upon the advertising message. Therefore, the CTA words must be strong, crisp, powerful, impactful and demanding. CTA words must be positioned at a place where the website visitor can easily find them. Words like ‘Sign Up to avail offer’, ‘Download app’, ‘Click here to know more’ etc. must be placed nearby the advertising creative for quick response.

  • Keep it short and simple

Sometimes the websites demand for filling up a form to subscribe to a newsletter or to avail regular discounts or for frequent updates etc. This is technique through which the customer and the company are mutually benefited as by filling the form the customer gets some benefits and the company gets the details of customer to save it for data collection and analysis later. But the thing to take care here is that the form must be short and simple. If you make a lengthy form that demands too much information from the customer than it will demotivate the visitor. Lengthy forms are either left incomplete by the user or are completely skipped. Time consuming activities is a complete no in digital advertising campaigns.

  • Build credibility

For a company to be authentic, the company’s website cannot act as proof alone. In the digital world where people rely heavily on online reviews, customer testimonials and company ratings, it is important to build enough social proof to authenticate your company’s or brand’s image. Therefore, to improve conversion rate, the website must include a section where it lists company reviews, client testimonials, ratings and other such parameters that justify the brand image of the company.

  • Live-chat Feature

If a customer gets real-time assistance it definitely acts as a plus point for the company as the customer gets instant response to his queries through live-chat feature. Live-chat feature act as a support system for the customer and increases the website-engagement time leading to better chances for conversion.

  • Pump it up with Pop-Up ads

Pop-Up ads act as catalyst to your ad campaign. If the customer is half-hearted or not willing enough to act on your CTA words then Pop-up ads can push them to do so. These ads can be cleverly sown at exit point or in between different pages of the website to encourage user to go for the brand call. The website must offer easy to close and time monitored Pop-ups as their over-usage can completely put the visitor off the website. If used carefully they act as an effective way to pump up conversion rates.

All the tips and tricks listed above can help a website boost their conversion rate effectively. The target audience must be your priority and then comes the landing pages and its elements that will establish the connection between the customer and the website. Keeping these pointers in mind and testing your website frequently can help you boost your website conversion rate with ease!