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Betting ads witness a dropdown after government advisory!

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Betting ads on both television and digital media witnessed a huge dropdown after the government’s advisory on betting ads. The ads dropped by 65% in October and by 56% in September owing to stricter government guidelines for betting platforms. The I&B ministry (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) ruled out an advisory on 3rd October 2022 for all the private channels, news websites and OTT platforms regarding the restriction of betting advertisements or any related surrogate product promoting betting platforms. Publicizing or broadcasting any advertisement related to betting platforms is strictly prohibited now. This advisory has a direct impact on the betting ads leading to their steep downfall.

This advisory came as the government tracked down that many sports and entertainment channels and OTT platforms were freely promoting offshore betting apps and websites.

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What will be the result of restricting betting apps to advertise themselves?

  • The betting apps will fail to build awareness both at category level as well as the brand centric level.
  • The betting platforms will not be able to enjoy as much credibility as before the government advisory came in.
  • Not only the betting platforms will suffer but also surrogate platforms such as sports website that use influencers to promote betting apps and websites will suffer hugely.
  • The influences will only suffer temporarily with the ban.

Although, betting is illegal at most places in India but still betting platforms such as apps, websites and sports news channels make up for the top holders on advertisers list. Therefore, the restriction does comes as turning point for media in terms of revenue.