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Top 5 ideas to advertise large tech businesses

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Top 5 Ideas to Advertise large tech businesses. Advertising options include Airport/Airline Advertising,OOH/Outdoor Advertising and Mall Advertising

Top 5 Ideas to Advertise Large Tech Businesses

One might think, why would a large scale business advertise itself when it is already established and have a significant consumer base? Well, in today’s competitive scenario keeping yourself ahead of competition through rigorous marketing and advertising effort is the only key to sustain your image in target audience’s mind. Tech businesses are growing at a supersonic speed but to keep that speed fueling, the companies need to constantly make efforts to keep the company’s and consumer relationship strong and steady.

Let’s now talk about ways through which tech business can go bigger and better through these 5 innovative advertising ideas:

  1. Airport/Airline Advertising


Airport and airline advertising works best for large tech business as the footfall of audience at the airport majorly comprises of professionals and business owners. Therefore, tech brands can get instant attention of the target audience if they advertise themselves at the airport or in the airline. The two ways through which large tech businesses can advertise include:

  • Airport branding: Hoardings lift ads, digital screens, conveyor belt ads, luggage trolley ads, boarding pass ads, luggage tag ads etc.
  • Aircraft/airline branding: In-flight magazine, food-tray ads, sample distribution, head-rest cover ads, bulk-head ads, over-head bin ads etc.


  1. OOH/Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising or Out-Of-Home advertising has never failed to reach mass audience and offer great exposure to the brand. The digitization of the medium has pumped up the impact and effectiveness of outdoor advertising. Therefore, if you wish to grab the attention of business minded people to push sales and publicity of your business, then try outdoor advertising options such as:

  • Big banners and hoardings at highways
  • Digital screens on prime locations such as prime markets, malls, commercial areas etc.
  • Bus, metro-train and railway ads too can maximize the exposure of any tech brand if executed at right locations and at the right time.


  1. Tech Park Advertising

The easiest way to capture the target audience’s attention who is majorly interested in business ads is to advertise at tech parks. The footfall of tech parks includes only professionals, business owners, expat workers, NRIs and foreign delegates; therefore any ad displayed at tech parks grabs instant attention from the audience. Brands that can benefit from tech park advertising include:

  • Heavy machinery brands
  • Software manufacturing companies
  • Brands catering to Artificial intelligence

 Top 5 Ideas to Advertise large tech businesses. Advertising options include Airport/Airline Advertising,OOH/Outdoor Advertising and Mall Advertising

  1. Mall Advertising

Malls are a great place to advertise your brand to an audience that is looking forward to experiment and buy new products. Malls make for an ambiance that is positive, energetic, uncluttered and stimulating for mall audience. Therefore, any communication in the mall premises evokes curiosity and stimulates call-to-action. Mall branding options for large tech business would include:

  • Product demo and sampling stalls
  • Pole Kiosks
  • LED screens and Scroll screens
  • Food Court ads
  • Cinema hall ads- on-screen and off-screen
  • Open-space ads

Top 5 Ideas to Advertise large tech businesses. Advertising options include Airport/Airline Advertising,OOH/Outdoor Advertising and Mall Advertising

  1. Event and Exhibitions

If you wish to create a buzz about your tech brand than hosting or sponsoring an event or exhibition is the best way to turn the target audience’s attention to your brand. Organize events and invite the audience though free passes or become an associate sponsor of any major event happening in a city to generate more brand awareness. For large scale businesses hosting or sponsoring events like:

  • Expo-India
  • Tech-fair
  • Auto-expo
  • Tech submit
  • Design and Verification conference and Exhibition

Large tech businesses have a defined target audience that is based on educational background, profession, income-level and demographics. Therefore, attracting the attention of the core audience becomes easier if the advertising options listed above are implemented in the right way!

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