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Tricycle Advertising in Mumbai

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Tricycle Advertising in Mumbai

Have you been looking for a quirky but cost-effective way to promote your brand in Mumbai? Do you wish to up your branding game by doing something out of the ordinary? You can then consider tricycle advertising in Mumbai. Yes, you read that right. You can now carry the name of your brand on tricycles!

What is tricycle advertising?

Tricycle advertisement in Mumbai involves the ferrying of the banners of your brand on them. These tricycles will display the banners of the brand by carrying them in a few localities and areas. The tricycles will then find an appropriate parking spot at a location of your choice. Thus tricycles act both as stationary and as mobile media advertising options. You can opt for two kinds of tricycles for your branding in the city: lighted and non-lighted.

The dimension of the banners in the tricycle range from 120 to 150 sq. ft. These cycles promote the brands through an act of roadshow as the banners are pasted on a box-shaped structure. Besides being cost-effective, tricycle advertising is also the most eco-friendly form of advertising for brands. Thus, this media advertising option strikes a strong chord with eco-friendly or environmentally conscious brands. Tricycle advertising is also an effective way to reduce your carbon emission in a populated and already polluted city like Mumbai.

Benefits of Tricycle Advertising in Mumbai:

Branding on tricycles could be extremely fruitful for your brand. Since the success of advertising rides high on innovation and uniqueness, tricycle branding is a failproof approach to branding. Besides this, there are several advantages of opting of tricycle advertising in Mumbai:

  • A custom-made advertising option for the advertisers: Since tricycles are solely used for the purpose of branding, an advertiser can take full freedom in designing the box baring ads and the routes. Unlike the other transit media options, tricycle advertising gives you the freedom to choose the advertising route. You could also ask the rider to halt at specific places to attract more brand attention.
  • Street smart marketing: Tricycle advertising is still in its nascent stage. This means that it is bound to be a head-turner. Besides this, tricycle advertising takes pre-determined routes decided by the advertiser. So, through tricycle advertising, you will give the viewers a unique way to interact with your brand.
  • The most economical and eco-friendly way of branding: Tricycle branding not only gives your brand an edge over the years because of the uniqueness but also makes you spend a trifle on the branding activity. There are very few advertising options like this which are both economical, effective, and customizable to the needs of the advertiser. Other than this, tricycle advertising is the most environmentally friendly way to advertise your brand.

So, invest in tricycle advertising in Mumbai and have an economical, green, and energy-efficient branding experience which is the rising need of the hour now.