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Ideal advertising options suitable for Pune Railway Station

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Placement of advertisements promoting various brands is a source of revenue for the railway department.  Pune railway station is one of the busiest railway stations as the floatation of people is more. Many people come to Pune as it is a hub for IT-related jobs and education.  The most affordable transportation is rail.  As the people are bound to stay in railway stations waiting for their train to come, they have ample time to spend.  The only entertainment they have in a railway station is the announcements and the noise of the vendors. To entertain the passengers even better, advertisers can telecast the advertisement that results in product awareness and entertainment.   Many people come to send off their near and dear ones and the people who come to pick up their relatives also have the opportunity of enjoying the advertisement.  The boring thing is killing time or waiting for someone or something.  An advertisement telecasted either by audio or video will divert the common man and it will prove to be a good time pass.

Some of the popular advertising options available at railway stations are:

  • LCD screens: When a digital screen is placed on every platform, the information/announcements can be delivered very smoothly to all the people staying on the platform. The LCD screen can be utilized to display the announcements like train arrival or departure apart from advertisements. The advertisements can be displayed several times at regular intervals.  Repeated telecast of advertisements will have a good impact on the passengers present in the railway station. When the train halts at Pune railway station, people traveling on the respective train will have the opportunity to view the advertisement.  Even though the viewing is for a fraction of a second, what matters is the fact that the advertisement is viewed by the person.
  • Hoardings on the platform: When an advertisement is shown on a display stand or pasted on the hoarding fixed on the panels of the platforms, it has a chance of attracting the passengers.
  • Advertising on pillars/kiosks: The common form of advertising is pillar advertisements. Since the railway stations have pillars, banners or hoardings can be placed on pillars. Pillar advertising will attract the viewer.
  • Hoarding outside the railway station: Placement of hoardings outside the railway station is a good option. The moment the passenger comes out of the railway station, the hoarding will be visible.
  • Banners near the stalls on the platform: Every platform in Pune railway station is facilitated with various stalls. The stalls may be related to food items, magazines, etc.  Advertising done near these stalls will attract the viewer’s attention.

What is the preferred language in which an advertisement has to be made?

Many students and people in search of jobs visit Pune as it famous for its education and IT hub.  An advertisement made in English or Hindi will be understood better as these are official languages and are spoken by everyone.  However, an advertisement can be done In the Marathi language to attract the local people.  Whatever it is, the main purpose of an advertisement is to communicate about the product.  A campaign will be successful only when it is properly understood by the viewer and the viewer becomes a potential customer.

Conclusion: There is a limit to everything.  Anything done above the limit will spoil the fun.  The same concept applies to advertising also. Advertising should be done according to the requirement.

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Outdoor Advertising Options in India

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    Hoardings are large size display boards usually placed in locations with heavy traffic in order to convey the brand's message to the commuters.

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