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Video and Mobile Advertising lead surge in Digital Advertising

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Video and Mobile Advertising lead surge in Digital Advertising

The world is full of technologies, and it is must for everyone to keep pace with every new technology launched in order to be fast and forward. The cheapest and fast technology invented is mobile and the use of mobile is incredibly increasing. Mobile has become the most effective way to OOH advertise online. As the growth rate of video and mobile advertising is increasing rapidly it can be said that it is the by far the most commendable and best source of online media advertising.

Brand owners are changing their way of advertising from traditional way to digital media across mobiles, as it is the fastest and most used media device. In this digitalized world, advertising focus has been shifted from market advertising to general display advertising, search directories because growth over these media platforms are changing significantly. Quarterly IAB report shows that there has been an increase of around 38% in both video and mobile advertising area since last year’s quarter first.

The data shows that digital advertising expenditure represents 36% & 35% of total advertising expenditure in Australia and UK respectively, while in US the same expenditure amounts to 50% of advertising expenditure. The share of Australia in video and mobile advertising in comparison with total online advertising is the highest.

According to Gai Le Roy, IAB Director of research, there has been a change in consumers’ behavior towards the video and mobile advertising, therefore an increased investment in these media platforms is not a big surprise. It is very common among investors to change their media platforms according to consumer taste to gain popularity.

11th revenue report of digital industry suggests that online advertising market in Australia consists of search directories, general display and classifieds, in which search directories holds the first position with 45% share in advertising market while general display and classifieds constitute remaining 36% & 19% respectively.

Digital industry is increasing investment in video and mobile advertising through top 5 spenders, which are FMCG, finance, telecommunication, retail and automotive, which together have 47.4% share of total advertising market.

Mobile advertising expenditure consists of 56% share of advertising expenditure towards search and 44% to mobile display.

The trend of smartphone is increasing leading an increase in video and mobile advertising!

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