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Tapping the residential audience through MyGate App Advertising!

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My Gate app is app designed specifically for better management of communities like housing societies. The app act as a platform for both management authorities as well as residents of the societies to have proper information on visitors, community events, security checks, payments etc. My Gate app is one the most popular community management apps in India. It is currently serving   25,000+ housing societies in more than 40 Tier1 and Tier 2 cities of India.

The unique features of MyGate app include:

  • Facilitates hassle free management of daily society visitors like house helps, vendors, drivers, delivery executives etc.
  • Makes payment of bills easy and facilitates quick call for people like plumber, technician or security guard when needed.
  • Resolving society related problem becomes quick and easy through the app.
  • Entry and exist of all vehicles is authorized through this app for better security.
  • Designed for people for 9 to 90+ age group, the app has a very user-friendly interface. 

What makes MyGate app an excellent advertising platform?

The app has approximately 3.5+ million app users across 27 Indian cities. The app act as an appropriate advertising platform for both offline and online advertising campaigns. Here is how brands can utilize the app for reaching their target audience.

  1. Announcements: Through the app the brand can make announcements of their availability or arrival in their society so that the audience gets pre-informed about the brand’s product and service. For instance if the brand opened its new outlet nearby the housing society or in the society premises, through the app the brand can inform the customers by advertising messages on the app like ‘ Opening soon’, ‘now available near you’ , ‘avail opening offer’ etc. Similarly, to create off-line awareness, the brands can put-up standee, posters or hoarding on society gates or lift lobbies to create a pre-hype of the announcement made on the My Gate app. The ad copy provides crucial information such as date of opening, event duration, days of offer etc. which motivates the target audience to act on the advertising message.
  1. Door Tagging: Another way to connect to the target audience through MyGate app is through door tagging by brands. The brands can advertise themselves through the app and put up an advertising message as ‘scan the door tag’ to avail discount on your purchase. Here, the audience will first get informed about the brand offer through the app and can avail the offer by ‘scanning the door tags’ placed at their door handles. This will excite the audience to know the exclusive offer they are receiving.
  2. Posters, hoardings and digital signage: The brands can reinforce their presence by syncing their brand message along with posters, hoarding and digital signage in the society premises. The best advertising sites in a society include lift area, lobbies, entry gate, parking area and society’s market area.

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Benefits of MyGate app advertising:

  • Faster brand and customer association through announcements and easy availability options.
  • Higher lead generation and brand awareness through app messages and off-line advertising in the society.
  • Better brand engagement through innovative advertising tricks such as door tagging, pre-hype creation etc.
  • Boosts both offline and online sales.
  • Maximizes brand exposure
  • High brand recall and brand reinforcement.
  • Brands can reach segmented audience through MyGate app advertising.

 Which brands can benefit from MyGate app advertising?

  • Education
  • Health and fitness
  • Banking and finance
  • Beauty Brands
  • Food Delivery
  • E-commerce
  • Travel and tourism
  • FMCG 

MyGate app act as a single platform that offers multi-services for residents, society authorities as well as for brands. Apart from keeping gated community safe and secure, the app act as one-stop shop for all their community related services such as bill payments, shopping, household services etc. The app is highly beneficial for brands that have society residents as their prime target audience.