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Advertising on Bangalore Railway Platforms

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Brand promotion in Bengaluru Railway Stations –

Wondering where to start making your brand a household name in the southern part of the country? Why don’t you start from one of the busiest cities in the country, Bangalore? That is to say, advertising on the most visited places in the city would guarantee you definite viewership. Bangalore is one of the cities in the country which is a commercial hub. Therefore, planning an ambitious and well-planned advertising campaign is sure to garner good attention to your brand.

If you are willing to diversify your advertising portfolio in the city, you should consider advertising on Bangalore Railway Platforms. The major railway stations in Bangalore like Yeswantpur Station (YPR), KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station (SBC), Bengaluru Cantt. Station (BNC), Bengaluru East Station (BNCE), Krishnarajapuram (KJM), etc. are the major halting stations for not only intra-state connectivity but also inter-state transportation. Therefore, an elaborate and detailed railway advertising campaign in these cities is sure to generate ample brand impressions.

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Advantages of Railway Platforms Advertising Advertising in Bangalore:

There are several advantages of branding on the railway platforms of Bangalore. They are listed as follows:

  • A Wider Outreach: Advertising on the Bangalore railway platforms will attract an audience from all over the country. As people from all corners of the country throng to the city for medical tourism, better career opportunities, or simply for tourism, branding on these major platforms will evoke retail sentiments. Other than this, people from all over the state of Karnataka avail the aforementioned stations for their inter-state commute too. Thus, with Bangalore railway advertising, you will be able to brand to thousands of people at the same time.
  • A cost-effective branding technique: Railway advertising is such a versatile advertising option that you can design a branding approach with any kind of budget. So, whether you can tight on money or have money to spare, platform advertising has you covered. To sum it up, railway advertising is ideal for people for all kinds of budget with the advantage of a wider reach.
  • Reliability: Branding with the Indian railways brings a certain trust quotient into the equation. For ages, people have associated genuine brands with the Indian railways. Thus, your brand will achieve a tag of being ‘dependable’ and ‘reliable’ in the eyes of the consumers, worthy enough to invest time and money.

How can you advertise your brand on Bangalore railway platforms?

Railway platform advertising in Bangalore includes the following options:

  • Radio announcements,
  • Train Wrap Ads,
  • Banners,
  • Hoardings,
  • LED Screens,
  • Digital Panels,
  • Swipe Screens,
  • Organizing periodic demonstration of your product/ service, etc.

Advertising Options of Indian Railway Stations

S. No.Ad Options on StationsCategory
1Hoardings Outdoor
4Audio AnnouncementsAudio/Video
5Train WrapTransit
6Ads inside TrainsTransit