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Railway Platform Advertising in Delhi

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Indian Railway Network as your advertisement destination !!

The Indian Railway network is the fourth largest in the world, covering more than 68,000 kilometers. Undoubtedly, it is the lifeline of the transportation system of the country. The network connects all corners of the country and provides services to people of all classes. Therefore, it is only evident that the network carries hundreds of thousands of people each day to different destinations. Consequently, the Indian Railway Network has become the paramount form of brand visibility and endorsement.

Railway platforms are one of those places which are great for building brand profiles. The wait time for trains on these platforms ranges somewhere between a minute to an hour. Therefore, railway platform branding gives ample time to the passengers to have a close interaction with the brands. Whether it is a suburban railway transit or long-distance travel, branding on the right height and at the right place guarantee assured brand impressions. Very few other modes of advertisement have the potential for creating this many brand views.

Why should you advertise on Delhi Railway platforms?W

Like the railway systems in the other cities, the railway platform branding in Delhi is severely receptive. People from different corners of the NCR avail the local train service to reach their destinations. Besides this, Delhi has 3 major railway stations. These three railway stations, namely New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, are connected to all the major parts of the country. Thus, a railway platform advertising stint in Delhi will take the image of your brand to different states and parts of the country.

Besides this, Delhi NCR is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Therefore, advertising in one of the key locations in the city such as the railway platforms will result in constructive brand building. As thousands of people throng to the various railway stations on a daily basis, your brand will have a chance to interact with all such passengers.

Additionally, the other significant benefit that the railway platform advertising provides is its flexibility. It offers varying branding options to advertisers for all kinds of budgets. Therefore, irrespective of your budget constraints, railway platform advertising in Delhi has a universal appeal. So, with railway platform advertising, you will have a branding campaign on all hours of the day and for 24*7.

Apart from placing kiosks, banners, hoardings, LED Screens, digital panels, swipe screens, etc. on the railway platforms, you can also avail of the radio announcement facility for your branding. The scope and opportunities of railway platform advertising in Delhi are immense. So, give your brand a fresh starting with an advertising campaign on the railway platforms in Delhi.

Advertising Options of Indian Railway Stations

S. No.Ad Options on StationsCategory
1Hoardings Outdoor
4Audio AnnouncementsAudio/Video
5Train WrapTransit
6Ads inside TrainsTransit