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Advertising OR Public Relations – What to choose?

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Advertising OR Public Relations ? Confused ??

Advertising and Public Relation are two different marketing tools. However, the approach and motive of the two may vary to reach the marketing objective. People often get confused as to what to choose between the two or how do they work as a unit. Let’s understand the basic approach of both advertising and public relation to get a better understanding.


Advertising is a means of communication where the brand is promoted through various electronic and print mediums in order to create brand awareness, brand reach and visibility and to increase sales. It aims at communicating with the target audience through TV ads, print ads or through ad space bought on social media. Brands buy advertising space in various mediums that suit their budget.

Public Relations

Public Relations, as the name suggests is informing, persuading and disseminating information in an organic form rather than paying to do the same. Public relation activities like press release, interviews, informative content, press conferences etc. aim at building a credible reputation and mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and the public.

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Now, that we know, the purpose of both advertising and public relations, we provide you a better understanding of how the two vary in their approach through the table below.







Target Targets prospective customers. Targets both internal and external audience such as company employees, stakeholders, influencers, investors, media houses etc.
Motive Focuses on reaching the target market, generating leads, pushing sales and promoting a brand’s product or service. Works primarily on image building, garnering credibility and attract more business.


Sets short term goals and build the advertising campaign to achieve the same. For instance, product launch, announcing discounts , sales and offers etc. Sets long term goals that benefits the brand in surviving and prospering in a fruitful manner.
Credibility Advertisements tend to hold less credibility as anyone who is paying for their ad only tries to persuade the customer to buy the product or service. They will disclose only the benefit and not the loopholes of the brand.  PR is more trusted form as the message is propelled by a third party ‘media’. The companies persuade them rather than buying them to foster their image in public.
Mode Print ads, electronic ads and social media ads. Press releases, speech writing, reviews, story pitching, special events, blogging , social media presence etc.
Control Creative control Media upholds the final verdict.
Language ‘promotional offer’, ‘buy now’, ‘summer sale’ ‘important information’,

‘We wish…’

For an incredible brand building and communication, the right mix of both can be used to make get the advantages of both advertising as well as public relation. With one, you can target potential customers while with the other you can infuse a strong sense of credibility in your company.