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Five Benefits of Public Relations and How it can assist your business

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Public relations is an art of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its audience. It strives to create a positive image and a trustworthy reputation among its public. Public relation can be both external and internal. Internal PR works on creating a healthy relationship between the organisation and its employees, stake holders , investors etc. while external PR works on creating a favorable image outside the organisation such as community groups, media etc.

Here are few major benefits of Public relation that will help in pushing the organization’s business as well as image if applied and executed correctly.

Benefits of public relations include:

  1. Image building

When organisations engage in public relation activities they are trying to bring forth an image that stands true to their work ethics and purpose of their existence. The organisation tries to build a positive image to build a healthy and long term relationship with its public. PR activities such as interviews, press releases, press conference, editorial articles, speeches etc. are all part of positive image building.

  1. Credibility

Unlike advertising, PR always aims at persuasion rather than luring the target audience to take an action through advertisements. PR activities engage public by disseminating authentic information about themselves and leave it for the media to give the final approval. As the verdict is based on third part opinions and reviews, it holds more credibility for the audience than any paid media space.

  1. Stand-Out of the clutter

Not all organisations care to impress both external and internal public. They would rather spend money to buy media space that would ultimately increase sales. However, you can choose to be different by applying PR activities for maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with both external and internal  audience. The internal audience such as employees, investors, shareholders etc, would fetch the more business for the organisation if the relationship is healthy while the external audience such as media, target group, community group etc would hold loyalty for your organisation.

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  1. Be the Black Horse

As more and more companies try to focus on ways and means through which they can dominate the media space and reach the target audience, you can choose to take a different path through PR. You can swiftly make way to audience’s mind through meaningful articles, speeches, informative stories, interviews and through positive word of mouth. As they say word spread like wild fire, your PR activities can lead your way to the top of audience’s mind and take you ahead of your competitors.

  1. Cost-effective

Be it any size business, small, medium or large, anyone can benefit from PR without spending hefty amount. A well executed PR campaign can expand company’s reach, create demand and foster positive brand image without exceeding the budget. As PR activities aim at winning free-media coverage, PR is indeed a cost-effective medium for any size business.

Public Relation can make your business shine if the PR campaign is designed and executed keeping in mind the benefits that each PR activity can gain for the organisation.