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 Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi NCR

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Auto Rickshaw Advertising, Auto Branding Agency in Delhi Noida NCR. Best rates of Auto Hood branding and Auto Sticker advertising.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi NCR

 Auto-Rickshaw Advertising 

You might wonder, what could be the ideal method to strategize your brand campaign to advertise your business with high visibility? Indeed, Auto-Rickshaw gives you such an opportunity to expand your business branding throughout the city. It is the most suitable medium to cross each km of the town, as it is nothing but billboards on the move. You can lure more audience by this small size due to its advantage of reaching every customer on-road and every street of the city.


As you know “Tally” was one of the brands to use this medium competently to establish their presence in the offline world. Understanding the prominence of autorickshaw advertising, many more brands like MapMyIndia and Zoho and other renowned brands have started using this medium to make a presence for their brands among the massive crowd.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising, Auto Branding Agency in Delhi Noida NCR. Best rates of Auto Hood branding and Auto Sticker advertising.

Why Delhi NCR is a great place to brand your business with Auto Ads?


Delhi NCR is becoming the hub for many big brands and new business startups. Due to the political proximity, the city is shifting into a commercial place where the outdoor advertisement is a sure hit.


The rise of Gurguram as the preferred business destination was one of the main reason for the Delhi NCR to become more notable for businesses. Excellent infrastructure and convenient Information Technology services also made Delhi-NCR a chosen target for commercial space development.


Manufacturing is the most significant contributor to Delhi’s economy. The manufacturing business alone has contributed to an annuity of Rs 45,689 crore in 2016-17. The number of operating factories in Delhi has increased from 7,793 in 2007 to 8,954 in 2015.


Why Auto Rickshaw advertising is Effective:

Diverse Audience Base:

  • Auto Rickshaw Advertising garners attention from each and everyone on the streets. Be it a pedestrian, commuter, motorist or even people standing on the roadside stalls.

Locality Based Campaign is Possible:

  • Following Auto Rickshaw Advertising, businesses can pick the areas they want to display their ads to and also what kind of audience they want to reach.

Higher Volume Base:

  • Around 30-40k Autos rickshaws are running in Delhi NCR, and placing an ad on even half the count will increase repeated recognition and rises the chance of brand recall.

Ads in Mobility:

  • Your brand can traverse through every km of the city 24*7 throughout the day which leads to higher visibility rate.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising, Auto Branding Company in Delhi Noida NCR. Best rates of Auto Hood branding and Auto Sticker advertising cost

Other Benefits of  Auto Rickshaw Advertising – 


  • The cost of impression is cheaper than any other hoardings, billboards and metro ad mediums.
  • Ads placed in the ads are special as they are stand-alone medium with no other ads to compete on a single platform like magazines.
  • Using auto rickshaws, you can get direct access to places where you are not allowed to place billboards of flexes or an expensive place. It is one of the main reason that most of the marketing agencies prefer for choosing this medium.
  • Auto advertisements provide a viewership of around 5000 per Auto rickshaw. The vehicle travels at least 150 kilometres per day.
  • The auto advertisement set up cost is very low and affordable for any new startup businesses, where you don’t want to spend your investment in marketing.
  • For at least 17 hours a day, your ads are made visible to the audiences repeatedly.


We at MyHoardings offer various options and help in planning your Auto rickshaw brand campaign at the low marked price.