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Brand safety: A huge concern but a simple solution, Get a Glance now!

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Brand safety: A huge concern but a simple solution, Get a Glance now!

We are literally breathing, eating and living digital today. One cannot do without the smart devices and internet as their role in our life has become indispensible.  In the middle of instant information, quick results and superfast connections we expose ourselves to the most common threat on internet and that is internet safety. The world is constantly trying to invent advance technology and tools to save privacy breaches not only for common people but for brands too. Brands often use digital media to expand their reach and visibility across boundaries. Brands aim at disseminating their message to huge audience on widely popular platforms. As much as these platforms prove to be accelerators in brand sales, the negligence in monitoring the ads might also create havoc for brands in terms of brand image and sales both.

What is brand safety?                                                                         

Brand safety covers core concerns regarding misappropriate ad placement, plagiarised content or ad alignment beside negative, political and hate triggering content. Brand safety tries to cover the current loopholes to give advertisers a safe and secure advertising platform. The use of tactics such as keyword blocking, blanket blocking etc are good but they are not an accurate solution to rising brand safety concerns as these tactics can also eradicate the chance of the brands to appear on safe platforms along with the unsafe ones. Therefore, a hardcore solution is needed to make brands appear on all the safe advertising platforms and weed out the ones that can sabotage the brand’s image, scalability and target audience’s trust.

Glance app: The Bullet Proof Solution

Glance app presents the brands a guaranteed solution to level up the safety of brands. The app has everything from clutter free advertising platform, full-screen visuals, and non-overlapping content to non-alignment of content next to inappropriate content. Thus, guaranteeing a 100% safe and secure advertising platform for all brands.

Through the use of AI-led tools, the app is able to carefully select and serve the content to users on the basis of content policies, human moderations and approvals. It saves the brands from placing their content alongside hate-speeches, violent content, disturbing imagery or adult stuff. Apart from saving the misalignment of brands it also assures that any content displayed on the Glance app is free of political opinions or controversial subjects that trigger hate or violence. Glance does not stop here; it also makes sure that no content is served with misinformation or fake news.

Why is Brand Safety important?

A revolutionary app like Glance is the need of the hour today as digital marketing and advertising is crucial for all brands to reach the target audience and to scale up their sales. Even with traditional media channels such as print, the inappropriate placement of ad have cost the brands too much in the past but today the cost of losing the brand’s credibility and distorting the image is even higher with unsafe digital advertising platforms. According to reports, ad revenue of the Indian digital market is set to sore by INR 540 billion till 2024 and therefore, to have robust digital advertising platform is of utmost importance in current digital times. Glance offers a complete package where the advertisers can showcase their brands in completely safe environment as well as scale up their audience as the app has 163 million users in India itself.