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Top 5 Newspaper Portions to promote property ads

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Newspaper Advertising

With internet at our disposal we tend to search every information with a touch of our finger, but in few categories traditional media like the print still hold more credibility over digital platforms. Newspaper ads act as a tangible proof for both the customer and the advertiser to establish the authenticity of certain information. One such category is the real estate sector. Most of the  real estate companies have their advertisement collaterals on both offline and online platforms but due to the popularity of the newspaper section that is specifically dedicated to property , these property portions are considered as the most credible source of property related information in India.

Here are Top 5 popular newspaper portions that the real estate companies must utilize to attract maximum target audience:

  1. The Hindu- Property plus
  2. Times of India- Times Property
  3. Hindustan Times- HT Estate
  4. Mid Day- Hot Property
  5. The Economic Times- ET Reality

These newspaper portions are specifically dedicated to the advertisements related to property all over India. The advertisers can publish their ads in these segments to create maximum awareness about their property available for rent, sale or lease. The property section is divided into two parts for narrowing down the property ads:

  • Residential- Rent, sale and lease.
  • Commercial- Rent, sale and lease.

Benefits of advertising in Newspaper portion:

  • The ad is designated a special place, thereby, enabling the prospective customers to reach the ad information easily.
  • Property ads are priced according to the word limit, the more the property description, higher will be the rate of ads. This enables all property owners whether big or small to advertise themselves according to their budget.
  • The property portion is published on a specific day of the week either in a section of the main newspaper or in a supplement paper that is distributed along with the main newspaper. Therefore, people who are searching for property know when and where they will find relevant ads for available properties.

Newspaper portions offer clean and focused advertising space for property owners to promote their ad. With property portions it is easy for the advertisers to pitch their ads when the prospective customer is already on the receptive mindset.

List of Top Newspapers in India

List of Top Newspapers in India

Name LanguageHeadquarter
Dainik JagranHindiKanpur
Dainik BhaskarHindiBhopal
The Times of IndiaEnglishMumbai
Malayala ManoramaMalayalam Kottayam
Amar UjalaHindiNoida
Hindustan DainikHindiNew Delhi
Rajasthan PatrikaHindiRajasthan
Dina ThanthiTeluguHyderabad

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