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Dabur forays into the health drink category with DABUR-VITA energy health drink through TVC.

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Dabur forays into the health drink category with DABUR-VITA energy health drink through TVC.

Dabur needs no introduction; it is a house hold brand name. It’s most popular products like Dabur-Honey, Dabur-Chyawanprash and Dabur toothpaste has a loyal customer base. Extending the same bond with its target audience, Dabur has now ventured into the Health Food Drink (HFD) category. Covid 19 has made people highly concerned over the immunity of their children. They are opting for products that offer wholesome health benefits for their children.

Dabur-Vita is here to meet the needs of concerned parents who wish to enhance the immunity of their children by infusing a wholesome health drink to the daily diet of children. For making the target audience aware about the Dabur’s latest product, it has released a television ad commercial. The product is being endorsed by famous bollywood actor, Sonu Sood. He is a perfect match for the brand as during the Covid19 outbreak, he established an image of strong, responsible, credible and endearing citizen and a parent.  The ad has been conceptualised and designed by Havas Worldwide (Creative) India. Apart from handling communication for other famous products like Dabur Honey, Dabur Vedic Surakha Tea, the company also won the mandate for Dabur Vita’s digital communication as well as mainline communication.

Dabur Vita focuses on the need of the hour that is strong immunity and better mental and physical growth. The commercial also informs about the formulation of the health food drink, Dabur Vita. Formulated by infusing 30+ time tested Ayurvedic herbs, the drink shows scientifically proven results to increases the activity of TNF Alpha  protein which is responsible for boosting immunity. Apart from offering so many health benefits brewed in just one drink, it has delicious chocolaty taste too, that make it a favourite think for growing kids.

Milk is a significant drink in any kid’s diet and plays vital role in proper physical and mental growth. Infusing this regular drink with a supplement which promises stronger immunity and superior mental and physical growth makes it a wholesome food beverage on which parents can rely on. Dabur Vita does the same and is making itself loud and clear through impressive as well as meaningful TVC designed by Havas Creative Group India.