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Merits of bus advertising in Ludhiana

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The concept of advertising exists for a long time. It is the presentation of the advertisement that makes it popular. Experts in the concerned field have segmented advertising into many categories like OOH, DOOH, transit, bus shelter, etc. Though there are many advertising options available, the advertisers must choose an option that suits /her budget and requirement. The ROI received on bus advertising is more than any other advertising option. Bus advertising refers to the wrapping of the bus with advertisement posters.  In this article, a focus on bus advertising options available in Ludhiana is done.

Ludhiana is one of the largest cities in Punjab and is popular for its manufacturing hub. Bus advertising in Ludhiana will prove successful as the people still use the bus transport for traveling despite having other transport mediums. The nativity is maintained by the people of Ludhiana even today.  As many choose bus transport for traveling, advertising on the bus will reach a wide range of people.  One can opt bus advertising because of the following merits.

  • Wide coverage: As buses travel on interior roads of the city and the exterior roads connecting the other cities, wherever the bus reaches, there is a chance for people to view the advertisement. Other options like radio or TV advertisements cannot reach people in remote areas but in bus advertising, this problem does not arise.
  • Unavoidable viewing: As the bus is wrapped with advertisement posters, there is no chance for the common public to avoid it.  Even though people are not traveling through buses and using their transport, when they pass by the buses with an advertisement, they at least glance at what is being written on the bus.  Sometimes, the attractive color combination of the posters attracts the viewers.
  • Size of the advertisement: The advertiser gets the benefit of choosing the size of advertisements to be placed on the bus. The various advertising options are as follows:
  • Wrapping of the entire bus with advertisement poster. Except for the front mirror useful for driving the entire exterior of the bus (in case of AC bus) can be used for wrapping advertisement wrappers.  As complete closure of windows is a not allowed, perforated window films can to be used when windows are to be covered with advertisements.
  • The exterior panels of the bus including the windows (in the case of AC buses) can be used partly. It depends on the budget of the advertiser.
  • The exterior panels of the bus excluding the windows (in the case of non-AC buses) can be used.
  • The backside area of the bus can be utilized fully or partly for advertising.

Conclusion: There is no limit for advertising provided the required funds and permission are available.  But in bus advertising, there is a constraint of advertising on the bus according to the transport norms.  The norms state that the window and other glasses on the bus should be plain and visible. While advertising, the advertiser should follow the norms and place the advertisements on buses.

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